Attn: Frank Fans and Qobuz users

" Don’t miss our Qobuz Live!

Join us today (April 1st) at 4pm ET as Dan and David get into all the gory details of these Zappa releases with Ahmet Zappa, Frank’s son and CEO of Zappa Records, and Joe Travers, the revered Vaultmeister who oversees everything they release."

Hopefully they’re not April Foolin’. In any case - buncha new Frank Hi-Res🤘🏼


Just saw this - yeah! Zoot Allures! Choice Frank Zappa albums land exclusively on Qobuz | StereoNET United Kingdom

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Great idea for a livestream, but could the host/emcee be more annoying? His obsequious fawning over Joe and Ahmet was embarrassing.

This is the second livestream I’ve seen lately where the host is like that. Take a Pill, dude!

Seeing Ahmet (Tullamore Dew in hand) reminds me of seeing his bro/enemy in the Family Feud over the Estate back in the late 80’s. Dweezil was in a show at the club where I used to work in Chicago. I was shooting still photos for the owner. That’s where I met my bass hero, John Entwistle. Leslie West of Mountain, Dweezil and others were there. Fun show.

Dunno if Ahmet can play or not. Certainly I can confirm from firsthand experience that Dweezil can. The Family Feud over the Estate is documented. Not sure if they reached any sort of agreement with Dweezil about the monies to be garnered from this Qobuz deal. :man_shrugging:

Going back and forth between the 16/44.1 (not sure if that is new, or was what was there before) and the 24/192 of just the first track of Apostrophe…and the lower res seems to have more heft/hangs together sonically more like the rekkid.

I bought the Joe’s Garage 24/192 download. It is a Doug Sax remaster. Sounds incredible.


Upcoming high-res releases on Qobuz according to the livestream (maybe as soon as tomorrow):

Absolutely Free
Bongo Fury
Halloween 81
Live in New York
Orchestral Favorites

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Joe’s Hi Res sounds better to me. Got the res minus the thin midrange👍🏼

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Oh yeah, the midrange on the original JG Ryko CD was thin!

Just comparing what’s on Qobuz at the mo’. Always a Feat when something of this vintage can be improved upon.

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The 2012 Joe’s Garage CD was a downsample of the high-res Doug Sax remaster, which is likely on Qobuz. That 2012 CD was a huge improvement over the original Ryko CD.