Welcome back the Hifi podcast!

I was looking for something to listen to while out walking and I saw the the Hifi podcast has returned! Welcome back @Duncan_Taylor glad to hear your voice again talking audio! No Darren but the show will go on!


Took me a month to finally to get to listen to this, but Duncan sounds the same, except … he no longer works for TMR! He now works for another local (to him) company, YG Acoustics. I’m surprised no one else mentioned this. Strangely, he said Darren still worked for PS Audio. The date of the “new” episode is March 1st, the thread here on Darren leaving started on February 28th, so you would think he knew. Maybe he knew but wasn’t sure if he could publicly say. Not important at this point. What is important is in six weeks no additional “new” episodes. He did say the episodes would be less frequent, I just hope it’s more regular than months between episodes.