Why isn't there an "Analog" section?

Yeah, I know analog isn’t PS Audio’s raison d’être, but a lot of us on this site love analog. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a little analog sandbox on this forum for us to play in? As it is, I go to Steve Hoffman forums for analog info, mainly. The problem is that the experience level is all over the place and the moderation is pretty much non-existent. Too many noobs and rude posters. For the most part, I stick to this forum since it is so well run and you lot are pretty awesome. So I suggest to the site moderators/designers to add an Analog section to the forum. Surely there can’t be a down side to this?

There is now. I think it’s a great suggestion. Analog is at the heart of everything we do. Whether digital or tape or vinyl, everything gets converted to what it started as, analog.

Would you honor us by making the first post?

Excellent idea.

Here it is: Analog

Thanks, Paul!! It is precisely this kind of responsiveness that makes this forum, and this company, so fantastic!

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You’re welcome and I hope you let others on the Hoffman forum know about us. We like good company!

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It seems the analog section is gone…? At least the link is dead and I also can’t find it anymore…please help if I’m blind…

I am not finding it either.


I did some house cleaning. Do we need a new subcategory?

I would think so. I found it a useful and interesting category before.

It was a quiet category, but nice to have.

Maybe we just see when we know what was in there…
I think some relating threads get quite lost otherwise. A general „mastering/recording“ category with some related threads put in would also be nice…but it probably would also be quite quiet.

The Everything Else category is perfect for such threads.

When there is interest, a thread stays toward the top. It sinks when ignored.

I think that’s ok, as everything except around PSA products and the spinning thread goes down in resonance quite quickly here. I’m fine with this.