Wharfedale EVO4.2

Anyone familiar with the new Wharfedale 4 series speakers? These look really interesting to me.

Any Wharfedale owners care to chime in?

I’ve not heard them but they do look the part. There’s a version without the mid that is nice too. A 3-way crossover is much more difficult to do well vs. 2-way.

Try them! Crutchfield has a very generous 60-day no fuss, $10 return shipping.

Oh I am so tempted. I have Maggie LRS’s right now and I’m not sure I’m really sold on them.

Wharfedale has an excellent rep, yes?

Yes, but full disclosure, they were purchased some years ago and now made in China, not England.


Oh, I did not know that. I wonder if that has changed anything as far as quality goes. I’m not a believer that anything made in China is poor quality. But yeah, not British anymore :unamused:

Who knows, they could be better. I’ve read the facility is China has far more capabilities than they ever did in England. Rapid prototyping, etc.

Get them and give them a good run. It’s the proper way to know for yourself.

I was in the market for smaller stand mounts last year and after a dozen or so in my home kept a pair of ATC SCMv2. They compliment a pair of Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 (that currently are in the shop system)

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