Affordable used full-range speakers

I want to have a pair of speakers that deliver enough low frequency extension and impact, so no need for a subwoofer… Subs add acoustical positioning problems, etc., so I want speakers with at least a good extension from 25Hz upwards.
I also love wide sweetspots, so do recommend speakers under 2k$ that are fairly full-range and sweet-spot friendly : )

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While the Focal Chora 826 only goes to 48hz -3db and 39hz -6db
at the price point you are looking at these offer much of what you are looking for…

also the Quad Z4 on sale for about the same money

Music Direct has these with a 60 day home trial

Happy searching

Used, but killer price. Can’t go wrong with a pair of Vandersteen’s and these will get you down to 26Hz


Right on!!

In addition to used, look for dealer closeout of prior models and B-stock. I purchased my Monitor Audio Gold Reference at half price. They were the prior model (a couple of models back now). I don’t find the need for a subwoofer.

I honestly think speakers are something you need to listen to in person. At least to get a flavor for the brand signature. I listened to MA Silvers in person before buying the MA Golds online at a deep discount.

Well, would love to buy those Vandersteens, but I’m in Europe so customs taxes would unfortunately raise the price quite a bit.

I’m kinda interested in the Audio Physic Virgo II speakers, a few are for sale in Europe for just over 1k€, looks very appealing.

Can you avoid the VAT by purchasing privately?

Please do consider used Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference speakers (MK 3.1 or 3.5).

Killer bass for a relatively small floor-standing speaker and incredible imaging and sound stage with its proprietary “tweeter” (it is not a conventional tweeter).

These are very well reviewed speakers that have held up over time. Do some searching for reviews.

They were a bargain at full retail in many people’s opinion, including mine. And yes, I am an unapologetic fan of the AGA reference line. I really cannot think of another speaker (new or used) that will literally meet each of your stated criteria.

If others have suggestions for speakers that do meet all of your criteria, I will be very interested to hear of them.

Here is an old review of the Reference 3.1’s (my speakers for more than 15 years) to get you started:

Good luck with your search.

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If you can find a good used example of Kef 105/3 with the Cube 200 equalizer I think you’d be pretty happy with them. I was for 20+ years. Make sure the woofer surrounds have been rebuilt or plan on doing so. I highly recommend Regnar in New York if you go that route.

More mileage with used; for my tastes, I’d 2nd @scotte1 Gallo’s or NHT 3.3 (no sure what is available in Europe).

Over here in Europe Highendaudio is the perfect place when looking for second hand/ex-demo stuff. Toni really is a nice guy to deal with and completely reliable.

Yep, Vandersteen!

Pick up some Roger Russell designed Line arrays. McIntosh XRT18, XRT20, XR19, XRT22. They go down to 20Hz and sweet spot of 10 Feet minimum. It takes awhile to find them but worth the wait and any surround replacement. Very musical and accurate. I have some 20s and 19s. The 18s go to 20 too but if your a bass junkie get the big cabinets. There are some 18s on ebay.

Assuming you find speakers that can produce the bass you are looking for, the challenging part of the equation of getting good bass out of those speakers will be getting the power you need from your amplifier to produce the bass. This is the main reason subwoofers have their own power amp.

The second consideration is the speaker cable. Some are better at getting the bass to your speakers than others.

Just wanted to provide this additional dimenson on your quest for bass from your main speakers.

Good luck and I’d love to know what you ended up choosing and how it turned out.

By the way, you may want to reconsider this perspective.

I share the opinion that, generally speaking, the more “full-range” a speaker is, the better it is likely to be. However, lower frequency room nodes (standing waves, frequency cancellation and enforcement) are more or less a product of the bass energy, room configuration and content (construction materials and furnishings) and one is just as likely to have related issues with a pair of floor standing, “full range” speakers. In fact, one of the biggest struggles with speaker placement is finding the sweet spot for depth, clarity and overall imaging, while maintaining tight/not muddy, impactful bass and midrange response.

Properly placed and integrated subwoofers are more likely to provide one with the flexibility to overcome these issues presented by the L & R speaker placement, not the other way around.

Food for thought…


I would agree with this. For $2000 I was thinking the Wharfedale EVO 4.4’s that will play with speakers 2-3 times it’s price. But they won’t get you to solid sub 30hz, you’ll need a sub. Hard to find many stand alone speakers that will get that low (I realize there are some…), but the reason I went with the Wharfedale 4.2 standmounts over the 4.4 was to fit the room better AND I knew I would need to supplement the 4.4’s with a sub or 2 anyway. My 2 cents. (also, the EVO’s have a large sweet spot and “move around” quite nicely).

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I don’t “know” these speakers but they look like an excellent suggestion. These days, any speaker that does not incorporate a “traditional” point-source tweeter, automatically earns a favorable first impression from me.

The increasing ubiquitousness of high frequency drivers like, or similar in function to, the one in the Wharfedale’s, and my long-term enjoyment of the the proprietary Kynar membrane diaphragm “tweeter” in my Anthony Gallo Acoustic Reference 3.1 speakers has led me to believe that these types of drivers are generally superior high frequency transducers.


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I agree as well.

This is also why a pair of good subs can make full range speakers sound much better; the subs can be placed in the optimum positions to provide the listener with the best bass, supplementing the main speakers.

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Scotte1, it’s funny, because when I was looking for speakers I was fighting between the Wharefedale EVO 4.4/4.2’s and a pair of Gallo 3.1’s that were offered used by The Music Room. I like my choice (no wrong choices here…), but the Gallo’s looked very intriguing.

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I put “under 2k$” in the opening post as an absolute upper limit for “affordable”, please feel free to recommend speakers more towards 1000$ or 1000€ also, as currently that’s more favourable for me at least.
I’m kinda interested in a current offer for a pair of Audio Physic Virgo II’s atm…