Wharfedale Elysian 4

Interesting speaker I’d love to hear. Absolutely gorgeous.

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I heard the EVO 4.2 series at Axpona 2019 (or was it Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2019?). Either way impressive at the price. Worth an audition if one can be arranged locally.

I like the idea that musicality and long term listening was the highest priority when designing this speaker. Also the fit and finish, looks more like a 20k speaker than a 10k. Definitely going to seek these out.

The Elysian series is made in PRC. So, not interested here. I have plenty of loudspeaker options that don’t put my money in China’s bank. Not everyone will agree with me and that’s perfectly OK. Where I have alternatives for my audio dollar I’m walking away from Chinese made products.


I don’t mind so much if something is made in China, as long as the company selling the item is located elsewhere, and is well established. Wharfedale has been around for years, and has a good reputation.


I run Wharfedale EVO 4.2’s and can tell you that they are fabulous! The most common review comment I read is that they perform 3-4 times their price point and I agree. Very transparent with a slight British warm feel (but not colored). Went through Maggies and B&W’s before I got here and it was well worth it. Beautiful speaker in look and sound. The Elysians look to be amazing as well (although I am loath to give up the soft-dome mid).


I’m in the same boat with regards to soft domes.

I’ve been very interested in these, but I found his review somewhat lacking in certain areas.
I listen to music mostly as an accompaniment to what I’m doing. I don’t have the patience required to be an audiophile; to sit and truly “deep dive” into the music. That being said, I used to work in the recording and live sound end of music when younger; so I do have that appreciation for tonality, sound stage and instrument separation.
Has anyone any info regarding the horizontal specs for this speaker? My situation forces me to be off axis a bit.
Highly directional speakers are not a good investment for me. Sadly, omni directional speakers are not appropriate, also.

I love the look of the 4.2’s, I’m really appreciative of Ribbon tweaters, but there seems to be a huge gap in their offerings from the 4.2 up to the Elysians.

I wish they did a bookshelf at a $1500 region with a ribbon tweater, I’d be all over that.

I hear ya, however, if you go for the $2000 EVO 4.4 floorstanders you might be surprised. Unless you have a very large room, the 4.4’s should fill it with sound quite easily.

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I would absolutely love those speakers, they’re stunning. I’m in a tricky situation at the moment with very little space, and bookshelf’s are the only option for the next couple of years.

It may be I just have to accept that I’ll need to replace my bookshelves when I move to a bigger place.

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I have tired these bookshelf speakers with AQ Rocket 33 cables single wired. In a word: fantastic. The new version is called 35XTi

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Wow, I thought the Elysians were 5K/pair but actually are 5K a piece! They’d better sound good for the money.

10k can buy a pair of GoldenEar Technology Triton Reference! They have 1800w built in sub. They’re on Stereophile’s A list.

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Do they come with a trident ? …perks up sluggish music… :grinning:

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58” tall and 108lbs each. :roll_eyes:

The Elysians are beautiful, large and heavy indeed…

Home audition would be be very difficult to arrange and set up
if available at all to do…

Wonder how they compare sq wise with Focal Kanta 2s…same price
range…the -3b point is given as 35hz…and amt on Elysian vs be tweeter
on Kanta 2…

Be interesting to experience an audition.

Happy trails

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As far as these Wharfedale speakers are made in China…
Psvanes are made by Shuguang … China

New production Tungsols, Genelex Gold Lions, Electro Harmomix, Sovtek Mullard…made in Russia …

If country of origin is an objection…then a great majority of tube
enthusiasts and vaccuum tube gear manufacturers would be
up a bad creek… Even our much loved PS Audio team would
be hurt…However for PS Audio…replacing tube circuits with
ss possibly doable…understandably reluctantly though …

It is a sad state of affairs…
Best wishes everyone
Happy trails

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Pretty impressive speaker for $1,000. Can only imagine how much better their top of the line speaker, the Elysian 4 is.

I agree with you but admittably, I have some Asia built product (Onkyo AV Preamp, Sony Disc Spinner, HDMI to I2S adapter boards). The rest of my rack equipment is made in the USA except for my Japanese STAX Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier.

Yep, if someone had said they were $3-4,000 I wouldn’t have blinked…

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