What are some of the best sounding recordings you've heard?

Thanks Mr Nut That’s a nice read.
I’m listening to it again via my new Gen2 Xlr’s (see Iconoclast) and I just can’t believe how good this sounds.

Wow Im not a Nat King Cole fan but i’m super curious to hear what this sounds like through my PS audio DAC and DMP! I can only attest that I bought the AP Wonderful Sounds of Xmas compilation SACD in November and Nats Christmas Song completely BLEW my socks off! I had been hearing that song all my life in all different forms and I’ve NEVER heard it sound like that. I couldn’t stop playing it all Xmas season. The sound stage is insane and Nats voice sounded front and center so crystal clear! It sounded like my 2 channel system had a center channel speaker! And that SACD compilation wasn’t even sourced from the master tapes as stated in the AP booklet and it still blew me away!

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Muddy Waters The Folk Singer. CD
Chicken Run movie soundtrack.

A nice one musically indeed, thanks for the hint, I now also have it…

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I listened to this after I saw this thread. Phenomenal. Thanks for that. I figured since I was on a roll listened to the Coltrane/Johnny Hartman disc…then put on some Sinatra and Dean Martin. How the F old am I??? Lol. Anyway - all great sounding via the DS and it’s amazing to hear these 50s recordings and ask…uh why did they change anything ?? :slight_smile:

DCC love is the thing, Nat King Cole special the mono tracks, imagine the DCC 45rpm whit a great koetsu :grin:

Nils Lofgren-Acoustic Live SACD. If you like guitar…

Painter Song, Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me album (Analogue Reproductions Remastering DSD)
Ave Maria, Stereophile Test cd 2
Little Black Lake, Do What You Please and New Start from Anne Bisson’s Blue Mind UHQCD
Adagio, Brahms Konzert fur Violine und Orchester D-dur op. 77 Anne-Sophie Mutter on violin with the New York Philharmonic (cd)
Under My Skin, Diana Krall, Live in Paris DVD
Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, 1997 remastering (cd)

All Natalie Merchant’s albums sounds great, but Motherland stands out IMO.
On streaming services it’s available in 16/44, but I got it on HDCD CD. Sounds even better


Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage 2 & 3.
I am lucky to have an early vinyl pressing.
The RBCD is not too bad either but the vinyl does stand out in this case (and I have a crap turntable setup being mostly digital consumer of music).

I’d do a 24/96 rip of it but I’d want to do it again with a better turntable as soon as I could, and that’s a slippery slope that I can’t afford.


One of my musical “crushes”, along with Bjork and, er, Delia Derbyshire :slight_smile:

Howard Alden with Frank Wes
Music of Bill Evans
just buy the redbook cd. Great sound.

Parts of CSN&Y 4 way street is pretty good. (working from memory)

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David Elias - Vision of Her in DSD64. He also has a PCM version at 24 bit 352.8 kHz.

How does that Nora Jones analogue productions remaster sound compared to the original sacd? I agree w painter song. I swear ‘Don’t know why’ and ‘Cold Cold Heart’ were recorded at different studios.

The Analogue Productions remaster sounds MUCH better than the 1st (Sony??) SACD. The 1st remaster, while cleaner than the original cd, also lost some of the bloom in Norah’s vocals and some of the stereo effect from the original cd. The AP remaster is much cleaner and quieter than the original cd, but also retains the wonderful bloom in Norah’s vocals. I can also easily hear that her nose was completely stuffed while recording the song “Come Away With Me”. Now I will have to go back and listen to Don’t Know Why and Cold Cold Heart :slight_smile:

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Any of the Pink Floyd albums after Relics. Allen Parsons was the audio engineer on Dark Side, and I think he was only 19.


As referenced by @Mongo in, I believe the “what are you spinning” thread and above Allen Parsons does some great work on the business side of the board…

This album is one great song after another very well engineered and recorded…killer!



Got the Alan Parsons Project box set, a few Christmases ago. All of his albums on CD, and one more that had never been released. Very tastey. Think you would like the one he released last year.



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