What are you listening to/watching on YouTube?

YouTube is a source of many wonderful live performances. I wish they would release high quality audio for many of these.

While braving through the compression, what are you watching?

This is from a wonderful duo called Mandolin Orange. Great song writing, and that mandolin, though!


KEXP channel is a good one for discovery. I believe the audio compression is less on the higher bit rate videos, select 1080P or higher if you can and available of course.

How can you not love this guy


Nice!! Never heard of him but love this. I see he’s recorded with the Fat Babies. I’ve seen the Fat Babies at the Honky Tonk BBQ on the South Side, close to Sox Park, several times. Super fun. I picked up the CD, thanks!

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I saw him at a Chinese restaurant/Jazz club near me. He’s great.

@tensor9 Thanks for the pointer to Mandolin Orange. I enjoyed them, and will add their albums on Roon.

Glad to hear!

I’ll add another song a just discovered by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. This is a phenomenal performance, and song is hauntingly beautiful.

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the sound on NPR is usually pretty good.

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Love NPR Tiny Desk. One of my favorites. I really like that, btw!

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Sounds great!

Love Lake Street Dive’s cover of “I Want You Back”:

Their album “Fun Machine” is available on Tidal!

Love it!!

I think I’ve actually stumbled across this before.

I’ve been a big fan of Lake Street Dive for a while now. Actually, it’s more about Rachael Price’s voice and Bridget Kearney on upright bass, but the whole thing works.

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This. Just for fun.


Lots of love for Tiny Desk Concerts. Also, for those curious about the bitrate on YouTube, it’s meh.