What are you spinning right now?

Chicago label Numero. I have lots of their releases, this is by far the best.

Just released this year, absolutely delicious and in 96/24 sound.


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Latest acquisition, currently spinning and enjoying:

Michael Finnissy: String Quartet No. 2

The Finnissy Second Quartet is quite wonderful. Haydnesque, but with each part constantly shifting alignment. Neat stuff.

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Bringing the tone of the listening back down home. Disc 8 of this 20 CD time capsule.

Agree…I’ve been a huge Finnissy fan for a long time.

You and @xianharris have wonderful taste. I have learned a great deal on this thread and am delighted you are posting.

Honky Tonk is a very groovy song!

Yes, I know, boring audiophile crap - but I am in the mood for it. 96/24 version, of the billions which are out there.

Sorry Elk–computer challenged… and beer does not help. I figured it all out.



Disc 11

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What God sounds like…