What are you spinning right now?


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I’ve said this before here. I really like compilations. I like playlists too (I know, the horror). This one and the Ken Burns sets get played when I want varied Jazz. Don’t know how you can go wrong with either set.

I’m so into Soul Jazz at the moment. I can’t get enough. I heard Ode To Billy Joe on WWOZ (NOLA radio) and bought it in 30 seconds. Such groovey music. I love this sub-genre and the way it sounds on my stereo. I have a big soundstaging system that leans heavy to the warm side and this music just works. DRs in the 15s BTW.

I know Lonson has this set. I’m just listen to George Lewis. Life affirming music!

As the night goes on, I usually move to single songs. I have a list of something like 1500 songs that I shuffle on a regular basis. The list includes songs that come though my life that make the cut for some reason.

JRiver lets you add songs through JRemote to any pre-defined playlist. If I lost the playlist tomorrow, I would start remaking it. It would never be the same (that would be okay with me) though. I look at the list as a snap shot of my musical life. Random selections but not really.

At any rate, the songs from this album always get selected when I see them as I scan the big (and getting bigger) playlist. Such killer stuff and so well recorded.

Last one for the week. Wow, what a week! I’m blessed.

It’s always fun to share and see all the posts here. Some sincere and great music fans on this site. I enjoy all the perspectives. See y’all next weekend.

Yes, I have that set. I have the Poncho Sanchez cd too!

I Long To See You
Artist Charles Lloyd & The MarvelsTracks 10Time 1:07:35

The Jobim Songbook
Artist Maucha AdnetTracks 13Time 1:02:11

Mahler: Symphony No. 3
Artists Sir Georg Solti, Helga Dernesch, Chicago Symphony Orchestra Women’s Chorus, Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus, Chicago Symphony OrchestraTracks 6Time 1:32:26
This one has the Aqua colored Cover Art—Tidal lacks information that would allow you to definitively know what is what by text only…they have an info page with current rendition release date but they could have re-released several Mahler 3 Chicago Symphony in that year. You know what I mean?

Respighi: Belfagor Overture, Belkis, Queen of Sheba, Church Windows
Artist Vladimir Ashkenazy|Radio Filharmonisch Orkest HollandTracks 9Time 1:01:12
Same here as in above as to info

North Texas Wind Symphony: Passions
Artist North Texas Wind SymphonyTracks 14Time 1:13:20

Quite extraordinary (if you have any appreciation for lush, late Romantic piano music)–

Arnold Bax: Piano Sonata No. 3 in G sharp minor (1926)


Powerfully incisive performance of this work and beautifully recorded–

György Ligeti: String Quartet No. 1 ‘Métamorphoses nocturnes’ (1953-54)

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SACD on the SFO label…


Freddie Hubbard, “Hub Cap” Blue Note SHM-CD

First disc to be played on the Decware 25th Anniversary SE84UFO3 Monoblocks

“What the World Needs Now: Stan Getz Plays Bacharach and David”

Sounding very very good right out of the boxes.

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Congratulations on your new monoblocks! Wonderful fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks. There are so many power supply caps in this model that I knw it will take some time to “bloom” but they sure are sounding great right now.

An old favorite spinning now, in SACD form:

The “underbelly” of my new amplifier beasts:

Please keep us updated as they break in. Exciting stuff!

Will do. It’s coming to life before my ears the last three hours. . . this is the last one for a while as my wife will be home in about a half an hour and I’ll serve dinner and the TV will come on after that. . . .sigh.

Charles Mingus “Mingus Ah Um” Sony Blu-Spec CD2 (original LP mix)


We need a full “Lonson” review! I love Steve’s stuff. The pic is funny—definitely not the “made in China” stuff.

I’ll keep adding impressions.* At the moment I’ll just say that these are getting better by the minute as they settle in and as I tailor the system to them. They are the most muscular 2.7 watts per channel I can imagine and they are casting a vivid sonic image, presenting it in a way that is different than the amps I have had before from Decware (and Decware has been the best I’ve heard at this up to now).

*It’s probably best for me to not post that much here, but at the decware.com forums you’ll see plenty, as well as soon enough on their Facebook page which I edit/manage.

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samples, samples, samples