What Classical are you spinning?

Excellent choice



Playing this old LP this morning in honor of the late Maurizio Pollini, whom I just learned this morning had passed last week at age 82. Always one of my favorite interpreters of Chopin, this LP got a lot of play in my college dorm room.


I saw Pollini in Chicago in the early 90s. I was (still am) a fan of his late Schubert. Though these days Maria-João Pires has me.

Onto an unrelated two-fer except both use pianos. I stumbled onto the Wagner. I love what Nikolai Lugansky did. It reminds me of the young Zoltán Kocsis. The Tessa Lark/Amy Yang recording was mentioned in a recent review by Andrew Quint at TAS. My little ProAcs aren’t in the same ball park as the Minissimo Forte speakers Quint was reviewing, but the recording sounds really nice.


Just got this from Presto a week ago. Easily my favorite solo piano set, and the recoding is amazing.

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High praise. No need to justify, I will listen. :smiley:
PS I’m hearing track 1 and it is impressive.



Thoroughly enjoying this newly acquired release from 2018. It’s 115 minutes of delightful Galant chamber music which I got as a flac download from Qobuz for under $11 - -



What a gem this recording is.

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Utter transparency. Abundant detail. Extreme delicacy and nuance. A soundstage to die for. Unrestrained dynamics and immense power. This is a recording to cherish, a recording to celebrate… This Pure DSD256 album from Gonzalo Noque and Eudora Records is a tour de force of orchestral recording magic. Don’t let anyone tell you a full commercial recording in Pure DSD256 is not possible. Here it is.

My review with free sample download of the Pure DSD256 file (track 4, the first movement of Nights in the Gardens of Spain) is available here.


@Rushton I hope that you don’t mind me stealing your thunder.
(edit: I see now that I didn’t steal any thunder. :slight_smile: )

I just saw this now.

I am intrigued!

Among other things, there is a free download sample in DSD 256 and a 352.8kHz DXD/PCM file.


More here:

Start at around Post No. 212.


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RE: Homeland [Pure DSD] [Exclusive Early Release]

Just finished my first playthrough. Wow!
If you like your deltas sigma modulated,
Your noise well shaped with the sound full and curvaceous
And the distortion neatly swept under the rug and out of sight,
Give this one the proverbial spin!
:+1: :sunglasses:

Note: I have the stereo 2 channel, DSD 128 version.


I would love to know where you bought/downloaded a DSD copy of this. It’s my absolute favorite “The Planets”

@carbonF1 is your connection. That reference was in one of his posts.

Good luck.

This was once released by HDTT in DSD256, back around 2018. It has since been deleted from their catalog. It may come back in another 10 years or so.

Hi, I bought each of these direct from the Stereo Sound store (https://www.stereosound-store.jp/c/music) and used a proxy service to import them. No downloads, unfortunately, the data is stored on blu ray rom discs. It’s been a few weeks but they are well worth the trouble and expense. I should probably update the “Best DSD256” thread, just trying to put all of the thoughts into words :smiley:

That’s very interesting, I wonder why it was removed. Hope it comes back, would be interesting to see if there are any differences from what was done in Japan, even if it’s just equipment.

Unrelated, but I hope MD’s In a Silent Way gets an eventual release, I remember seeing it in the Future Releases section but was removed. The MoFi master is very good but I bet HDTT could make it even better :slight_smile:

Thanks for this info, @Rushton. I have been searching for a DSD version of this performance for a bit now. I remembered hearing about that HDTT copy, but that was before I had the ability to play DSD files.

One can hope… :slight_smile: