What Classical are you spinning?


Coppelia is live streaming from Covent Garden tonight, at cinemas all over the UK. Saw it last week and is fabulous and great fun.

Saw a new movie of Romeo & Juliet last night. Also excellent, and Q&A after with leading cast and crew. It’s on the TV on New Year’s Day.

Lots of good stuff at Wigmore in the summer season.
Just booked for a nice concert - Concentus Musicus Wien, 6/2/20.

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image https://rovimusic.rovicorp.com/image.jpg?c=PLRhYe7KpINN1VghazH8yFWnbEN5fCjifro6xhIBuB4=&f=5


image https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51pzzrt2quL.jpg

The SACD “Rachmaninov - The Isle of the Dead” from 2012
It’s SUPER so listen to it if you haven’t.
It’s this years best “CD” for me.

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“Years Best CD”, thanks for your recommendation. I will listen.

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Possibly the greatest of the early Mahler recordings, plus Janet Baker’s Ruckert Leider on side 4 of the box set.


Gramophone Awards 2019: Recording of the Year - Winner. 24/96 download.

It’s long been my favorite performance of No.5 .

I don’t like that many of the LSO recordings soundwise…not always transparent…but this one’s gorgeous and with near perfect tonality (in my room/setup).

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image https://www.seattlesymphony.org/~/media/images/misc/ives_cover.jpg?la=en

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Martha Argerich Bach

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DG’s 180g release sounds even better the original CD release;

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Book 1 was most enjoyable, all 4 hours of it, this is 6 hours. The bass viol is much more enjoyable than hours of violin partitas. Didn’t do things by halves, including having 19 children. Poor Mrs Marais.

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Revisit this one tonight;

Last one for tonight;

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A rarity, but I think I have a copy at the end of the garden.

Can’t express how amazingly good this was … I’m spinning

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Ernst Wilhelm Wolf (1735-1792)

The opening quartet is rather blah but the remaining 4 are sheer delight and beautifully performed (HIP) and recorded.

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I am glad you enjoyed it. I cannot find an emoji which adequately expresses extreme envy. Unfortunately my ‘man-flu’ took a turn for the worse, and I could attend neither quiz nor concert.