What Genre of Music Do You Enjoy

I don’t think it’s a age thing. I can’t stand crass language nor racism etc. just like I can’t stand jazz with no apparent rhythm or beat.

That said I do swear but I never use racial slurs but I do dance badly because I have no rhythm.

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Sounds like we may be related. :slight_smile:


Nice that Roon 1.8 answers the question, here is my mix the last month.

That’s a nice feature. I use JRiver which will give you some indication but nothing that sophisticated.

Meh, novelty factor is pretty low for me

An average of 8 hrs a day is hefty. Does other in your case mean jazz, classical, or…?

Nope. I do listen to various internet radio. It might be tracks it can’t identify.

Gotcha. Thanks.

According to Roon my strong favorite genre is “Other”. I fully agree.


For me it’s jazz . . . but only that recorded in the last 103 years.

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All genres.

There is always the tendency for me to listen to what I loved as a teenager and in me early 20s (alternative, punk, new wave, techno) - maybe neural pathways get wired at that age. But I love exploring new stuff and try to rewire. Got into 50s jazz after someone gave me a tape. Really enjoyed opera after seeing a bunch of performances at the Met. If I had to pick my most listened genres now it would be jazz and post rock. That and Bach and I am happy.

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50% Orchestral and Ballet
15% Electronic (primarily leaning towards ambient, downtempo, chill)
15% Jazz (primarily hard bop)
15% Indie Rock/Shoegaze
5% Opera