What Genre of Music Do You Enjoy

I know I’ve ask several of you, so I thought it would be interesting if we share some of our goto genre’s that we enjoy the most. I have friends that run the spectrum, from one (and only one) to a wide variety.

While I try to listen to a wide variety of music, I still have my top 4-5 that are my “goto” genre’s:

  1. 70’s Folk
  2. 60-80’s Classic Rock / Southern Rock
  3. Almost any Blue’s
  4. Some Jazz (think Jimmy Smith)
  5. Pipe Organ

1 - Prog Rock - Neo, Symphonic, heavy, most versions
B - Rock
3 - Blues
d - Contemporary Jazz & Jazz/Rock Fusion
5 - And yes… I’m 56 and I still love hair metal / glam rock / hard rock! Some of the most skilled musicians actually live here. (Not the speed metal whakita whakita whakita satanic vocal anger stuff…)

Pretty much anything melodic and/or highlights someone who has talent & learned & crafted their skill. Hard no on rap. Semi no on opera. If there’s a Rap Opera performing somewhere - I’m NOT goin. Especially if the lyrics are Swiftly written… GAWWD!


Hey Senna1a - check out House Of Not (4 albums on tidal) - a fantastic Canadian band - they’re have bits of Southern rock, blues, prog, soul, gospel, a bit Pink Floydy… I just discovered them & got hooked.


It’s almost easier to describe what I DON’T listen to… Rap, Techno, most modern pop, and most country but outside of that, I listen to pretty much everything.


Yeah everything but Opera gets a try here, but ultimately I end up listening to:
a bit of Pop (Britney Spears fabulous 2004 single “Toxic” today),
a bit of Rock,
a bit of Folk,
and a lot of “Alternative” or “Indie” (which is most everything else),
with a bit of Jazz,
and 20th century “classical” minimalist.

I struggle a lot with genres, must admit, never quite sure where to pigeonhole stuff.


Acoustic americana folky stuff – I love bluegrass instrumentation, but not too much bluegrass
(Grateful Dead, Grisman/Garcia, Dylan, Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, John Martyn, David Grier, David Bromberg, Norman Blake, Bruce Cockburn, Mandolin Orange, John Prine, Gillian Welch, Sarah Jarosz, others)

Hard Bop Jazz
(Burrell, Turrentine, Garner, Gordon, Mitchell, Pepper, Silver, Davis, Green, others)

Modern Jazz, but not a fan of discordancy or too avant garde
(Jarrett, Tibbetts, Haden, ECM stuff, others)

Clean, well-recorded, creative rock
(Steely Dan, Dire Straits, Jethro Tull, Little Feat, Van Morrison, The Shins, John Wesley Harding, others)

Jam Bands
(Assembly of Dust, String Cheese Incident, Railroad Earth, Allman Bros, Govt Mule, others)

(Jeff Beck, Martin Taylor, Tony Allen, Melody Gardot, Norah Jones, Sea Level, Tower of Power, Ben Harper, so many others)

Born in 1965, so can’t discount Classic Rock/pop
(Stones, Floyd, Zeppelin, The Band, Beatles, Skynyrd, ZZ Top, others)

A bit of classical, too. More for sunday morning reading the paper than for an audiophile experience, but I’m open.

like @joma0711 says, genres/artists are hard to pigeonhole. I’m exhausted.


About anything other than Country and opera.


Really eclectic, no barriers to be honest. But I guess the preference will be between Bues Rock, and say Fusion. Robben Ford, Frisell, Carlton, Stern, Metheny, Holdsworth etc etc.


If a composer or performer has something to say, I’ll give it a try. So there is little off limits, other than the genre of pop music that is basically designed by promoters to rob teenagers of their pocket money.


Baroque, preferably early or mid. Some late Renaissance.


Like @audiojan, it’s way easier for me to list things I don’t like. Not necessarily because I listen to such a wide variety (I don’t think I do, compared to many), but for a lot of my preferences, they’re either hard to label, or I may only like certain artists within a group. If I say I like the genre of an artist I enjoy, I can guarantee there are many more in that same group that I don’t. Classic rock, for example - there are a lot of rock artists from my formative years that I really love, but there’s probably an equal (or greater) number I don’t. So I tend to exclude classic rock when people ask me what I like for fear that I’ll be inundated with Led Zeppelin. :wink:

So here’s a list of things I generally avoid, though there are exceptions even within these genres:

Most baroque-and-earlier classical (except JS Bach)
Most contemporary country
Rap and hip-hop

Everything else is free game, from Stephen Foster to REM, from Beethoven to bluegrass.


First and foremost, jazz. Close second is blues. Then Americana, classic rock, and zydeco. Can’t get into metal, classical, and definitely not opera.

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Chris, you’ve broadened your tastes. How about Josquin, he’s Middle Renaissance?

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:slight_smile: Inevitably, one has to generalize to keep the response brief. Josquin is fine, but for real enjoyment I would prefer a Trio Sonata.

There are only two types of music; good and bad.

I try to limit my listening to the god.


Which god would that be? :rofl: :joy:

Isn’t it obvious?

“The voice of God, if you must know, is Aretha Franklin’s.” - Marianne Faithful

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“I try to limit my listening to the god.”

Eric Clapton? :grinning:


I’ll show my age and say anything but rap. Or whatever it may be called now.

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