What if... Opus codec with a 96KHz or more PCM file interpreted at 48KHz?

The Opus codec converts high-definition files to 48 KHz. I understand the reasons, but… :unamused:

Now, suppose we have a high-definition WAV file (sampled at 96, 192 or 384 KHz). Then, what if the header of the file gets modified such that the following data is interpreted at 48 KHz (i.e. slower than normal). We can then compress the audio file with Opus, which can be configured for a playback at 48 KHz. At that point, we still get the wrong pitch. But if we convert the file back to WAV, and if we recover the proper sample rate in the file header, I think we get here an interesting proof of concept for some “Opus-HD” format. Unless… Opus optimizes some frequencies in the mid-band, which would optimize the wrong range of frequencies for the original high-definition audio sequence.

Has anyone ever tried that?