What is your favorite Q Sound Recording or Song?

This is a recording or mastering gimmick for sure. But looking for the hidden gems here in this list of Albums or Songs


The best of all I’ve heard- Roger Waters: Amused to Death


Sting: Soul Cages


That is the one I have listened to most. But most of the others I have not pulled up. I just noticed Tom Jones has three. I n the right mood i night need to stream one of those.

I will have to revisit that one for grins. I have heard some of the songs on his Master DTS DVD but need to try this format. Any recommended songs off it?

Track #8 (title track).

I think the sonics for Dominic Miller’s guitar are interesting.

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“Why Should I Cry For You” is my go to track off the Sting album. In fact I’ll often spin it after I play stuff that does not happen to sound great. The Sting song reminds me of how magical my system can sound.

The Madonna Immaculate Collection can also be a fun Q Sound listen.


Pink Floyd P.U.L.S.E.

Rover Waters Amused to Death

Burton Cummings Up Close and Personal (don’t actually hear the benefits on that one but a fine performance - check out his Gordon Lightfoot impression singing Rod Stewart’s Maggie Mae) :joy:.

Sting The Soul Cages

I own all four in their original releases but that’s the only Q Sound recordings that I’m aware of.

Try the link in my first post for complete A to Z list. I was not wanting to explore them all but knew this community would guide me.