What loudspeakers for the BHK 250?

Hello, I would like to know what loudspeakers do you control with your BHK 250s?

And what are the results?

Thank you very much.


Hi, Mario

Any speakers you would like will pair well with the BHK 250. Is there a particular speaker you are considering?

I would encourage you to think about speakers for the space they will be used, not so much what amps will drive them. There are lots of resources to stimulate the questions to ask. In my opinion, there is no substitute for listening to speakers, and gear, in your own space.


These guys are right on target, shastasheen. The BHK amp will not care what you hook it up to.

More than anything this is subjective. If you’re looking for opinions (which likely won’t matter to you), I use DeVore Orangutan 0/96 and love them. Also Harbeth 40.2 are wonderful, most Pro Ac, Zu Soul Supreme or Omen Dirty Weekend, Maggie 0.7,…
With speakers, you have to listen. A friend has bazillion dollar Wilsons that he loves but I think they suck… Just totally subjective.

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I would agree with Brett66’s statement the most. I have BHK 300’s and they won’t lack for power. However, the dedicated space that I have is quite small. To make the most of the space, I have installed room treatments (corner bass traps, two side panels and a pair of diffusers above my listening position and I get a lot of wonderful music out of my KEF Reference 201/2 . They are stand mount 3 way speakers with a top mounted bass port. I made a decision not to over speaker the room. The only thing that I’m lacking is the deepest bass and there are solutions for that if need be.

I also have a small space. I use small, stand mount 2-ways 6" midbass and ribbon tweeter, and selectively use a pair of sealed 12" servo subs. I drive the 2-ways with a pair of M700. I don’t have the real estate for BHK amps, but I did make room for the BHK preamp!

I also find room treatments along with convolution my favorite weapons to bring out the most of my speakers and amps.

Thanks all for your answers.

I perfectly agree that the listening room is at least as important as the correct electric interface between a power amp and speakers, maybe a lot more.

But I’ve the problem that I live in Venice, Veneto, Italy.

In Venice there is just one hifi shop and they sell Pioneer and Marantz but Electrolux and Whirlpool as well and they woldn’t let you bring home to test it neither a microwave.

If I want to listen to something serious I’ve to take my car and drive to another city, region, sometimes state, i.e. I went to listen to ATC in Switzerland (really bad experience…).

So here I’m just trying to take in the choice range, being aware that it will be really difficult, if not impossible, to listen to a sufficient number of loud speakers in my listening room.

I understand that the BHK 250 is one of those power amps that could drive properly almost every speakers but I would like to have some specific feedbacks about some specific systems or amp-speakers coupling.

Thank you.


I have Focal Sopra 1s and they sound great in a smaller room

Here’s what I’ve done with my space. This is from my seating position. The small speakers work very well here.


Not sure if this helps much w/o information on what you value in your listening experience- detail, smoothness, great bass etc. However I have had great luck with PS Audio and Dynaudio

Nice arrangement, the Kefs are really close one another, there would be abt 120 cm between them, is this their normal positioning?


I used the ‘rule of thirds’ and the sound works well. One third from the back, one third from each wall. It was a starting point but I think that the room treatments make the position effective.

I don’t know what music genre you usually listen to but a minimal, standard drum set is normally larger…

And it would be very difficult in those conditions to perceive the dimensions of the recording setting…

Venice?? Lucky man!
I have to say that of all the speakers that I’ve played around with, some purchased, some borrowed, the ZU Audio “Dirty Weekends” are amazing value for money. And for reasons I don’t understand, they sound great no matter their positioning in the room. They are full range, have no horrible ports , minimal crossover, very high efficiency and since you have no dealers around, if you buy them, you’re not out a ton of money. Take a look at their website.

I went to a Wilson demo recently, with high expectations. Couldn’t stand the boominess and boxiness-- everything sounded so heavy. For Mahler only, I think. I felt sorry for the poor little dome tweeter surrounded by all the woofers. My bias: I’m a planars guy, electrostats and maggies and ribbons. (but I’ll make an exception for Harbeth) To each his own.

Plus one, I’ve enjoyed Dynaudio a number of times over the years, never owned but friends did.

Third on Dynaudio. I owned a pair of Focus 260 II for eight years. Very neutral and articulate. The new Contour 60 should be a good match.

Agree with above- I had the M700s and the Contour 30s paired for a while and the match was excellent. 60s would add some “punch” depending on your musical tastes. I’m sure a 250+60s would = a very nice example of hi-fi…

I can say with personal experience. PSB Imagine T3. I just sold my BHK 250 which powered my PBS Imagine T3. I sold the BHK 250 for BHK 300’s. I now have my PBS’s for sale. I found a deal I could refuse on a pair I’ve been desiring.