What make, and model, of automobile has the most musical sounding audio system?

What make, and model, of automobile has the most musical sounding audio system?

And, what standard should should we use when we’re talking about automotive audio?
Should it sound like Music Room One with wheels, or should an automotive audio system have a different sound than a home system?

Wow, where to begin? As a maker, I think Ford does it best overall.

The best factory system I ever heard was in a Lincoln Town Car… a rental! Due to flights being snarled up, I rented a Town Car and drove a few of my associates from somewhere in Connecticut to Philly at night. Papa was a Rolling Stone on the radio was he best I ever heard… and that was around year 2000. BTW, not all radio stations use compression… some actually care about sound quality.

I forget the year, but I was working out of CHicago and was renting a car every week… I tried em all! Volvos, GM, etc… all of 'em! First thing I do in a rental is turn the bass/treble/EQ etc to flat. Why EVERYONE seems to turn the bass and treble up to max is bizzare to me.

Ended up liking a Ford Thunderbird… just a solid, comfortable car… with a great stereo. Ford seems to do it better than anyone.

I have German car with a Bose label (actually a Becker system)… I can’t say it sucks, but it is not great. I have always swapped out car systems for aftermarket… NEVER had one I liked (but then I never owned a Ford product).

Bruce in Philly

My 2016 M-B S550 has the standard Burmester audio system, which is the best of any car I’ve owned. A quiet cabin makes a big difference.

The upgraded Burmester system is an additional $6,400 and boasts lo these many stuffs: “Engineered to be the pinnacle of mobile high-end audio, the Burmester® 3D system pairs innovations in automotive audio with legendary quality. A 1,190-watt amp mixes analog and digital signals to deliver a natural sound spectrum in any music genre. A total of 26 speakers includes a trunk-mounted subwoofer with its own 400-watt amp, ceiling-mounted surround speakers, and a pair of rotating, illuminated tweeters. Along with five preset listening modes, VIP settings can focus on individual seats”

Not for a single second did I even remotely consider the upgrade.