Stereo system in new truck is making my ears bleed!

I stopped adding elaborate high-end audio systems to my vehicle’s years ago, because everyone of them eventually got ripped off. So I don’t want to do a complete overall of the sound system in this truck, but something needs to be done, otherwise I cannot listen to music while driving. Wondering if just replacing the factory drivers would help improve the sound? The other possibility is, maybe the system needs to break-in before it sounds better. The factory system in my old truck doesn’t sound great, but at least it’s listenable.

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I replaced the front and rear speakers in my F-150 with Alpine 3-ways and added a 4-channel 55 wpc Alpine amp. All are behind factory grills and amp is hidden. I use the factory CD/receiver head with bluetooth. Sounds pretty good. But I gave up on auto HIFI long ago. Just need decent music to drive with.

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I would check with Crutchfield for compatible speakers for your vehicle and just replace the speakers. They’ll sound way better than factory speakers.


I’m going to let the system settle in and see if it improves, if not, that’s a great suggestion. I don’t need a super high-end system, just something that sounds decent and doesn’t offend.

Crutchfield is great for this, they have a matrix you can use to find the right fit for your vehicle. Was immensely helpful to me since the F-150 uses 6x8’s in the doors.

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Around 10 or a million years ago, I replaced some truly horrible speakers in one of my cars with some made by MB Quart. They sounded exceptionally good.


+1 I love MB Quart car audio speakers.

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The factory audio system in my Volkswagen is sub-par but some trials with the EQ have made it listenable.

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Trivia: The correct term for a BMW automobile is bimmer. A beemer or beamer is used only to refer to a BMW motorcycle.

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Hey, you never know when you’ll be asked that trivia question on a game show. Elk’s providing a valuable service.

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