Car Audio on Steroids -- You've Got to See These Wild Systems!

All images are from Inside the World of Dominican Car Culture - The New York Times

Single-click an image and then click it again to really zoom in on these systems.

And here is a short video clip …

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They forgot to put the car on Isoacoustics :grin:


These car systems are reminiscent of the Grateful Dead’s “Wall of Sound” circa 1974.


One word. CRAZY!

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I don’t get it, I’ve never had any interest in car audio, only home audio.

A good friend owned a car stereo shop and was part of the SPL car wars. Nothing to do with recording quality just how loud you could make it inside the car. I think he made 140 db if I remember right. It was crazy to see the car jump from the music (pun) being played. I have owned a few nice car stereos and done right they do sound good. The new OEM car stereos are pretty darn good without adding anything to them though.