What MC cartridge for my Rega P3?

I recently went through an overhaul of my main stereo system, and accidentally discovered that my new pre-amp(Mcintosh C22)'s phono stage is really good and makes my old Rega P3 with a Rega Exact 2 MM cartridge sing.

I mainly stream with qobuz before, now, there are two tubes and a MC stage in that Mcintosh that are teasing me…

So here is my question:

Is it worth it to spend 2 grand or 1 grand on a MC cartridge for a Rega P3?

I’m trying to shoot for best bang of the buck, so what is the best bang of the buck of cartridges in under 2k and under 1k?


Rega Ania good choice…easy fit have on my Rega 6 with PS audio stellar unit…very pleased

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I would use a 2k cartridge on a P8 or P10. Rega cartridges and tonearms make a good combination that allows for quick setup and optimise performance with minimum hassle.

This said, if you decide to install a Rega MC, their rated output is 0.35mv (I feel it’s a tad less) Please make sure your preamp is happy with low output MCs… The Ear gave the Ania “Best Buy” rating. I reckon it sells circa $700.

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I don’t know anything about the C22 phono section, but unless the manual specifies it is compatible with MC cartridges I would avoid low output ones. A high output moving coil (> 2 mV) might be OK, but sticking with a Rega MM cartridge might be the safest path.

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