What Software Can Drive a DirectStream DAC

Hi, just a question about software to drive a DirectStream DAC. I am currently using Roon as the way I access the DAC but occasionally ROON decides not to work, so I am wondering how else I can access music on my NAS or other sources such as Tidal? What other software can I use as a backup if Roon isn’t working? Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Welcome! ROON is probably the best and works the smoothest incorporating both streaming and NAS access. If you are just streaming, Mconnect Control works well but does not work very well with locally stored files. JRiver, Foobar, and Bubble upnp can pick up the slack when it comes to accessing your local files.

Thank you for the advice. My query was really around a backup for Roon. It stopped this morning and I re booted my Mac and iPad a couple of times and Roon is working again. I am just curious as to what other software could drive the PS DirectStream and you have provided me with some options, so thank you

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