Nuprime CDT8 I2S output compatible with DS DAC?

Does the NuPrime CDT8 i2s output compatible with the DS DAC?

The NuPrime web site says it supports HDMI I2S so it should be compatible. Have you asked NuPrime?

You’ll probably need to call them. Nothing on point in the owner’s manual…

There are several different pinout arraignments used for I2S over HDMI. It may follow what PS Audio uses or may not and could require a custom cable to adapt.

That is why I used the word “should” and asked if had contacted NuPrime…

And I though should was a bit of a leap/presumption as there is no indication of the pinout used by Nuprime.

Maybe or possibly is a safer statement.

Of course, the best option is to find out from Nuprime.

Looks like the pin-out is on page 9 of the manual that netspecht-2 linked.

“Should” is in no way a definitive declaration. If it were, why would I ask if the poster had contacted the manufacturer? We could spend our lives being pedantic over word choices but it was clear I was suggesting the poster should contact the manufacturer.

I apologize if I sounded critical, it certainly was not my intent. Just hoping to clarify for the OP.

Frankly, it’s too bad all the parties cannot or have not agreed on a standard pinout. I don’t believe anyone is actually doing anything differently signaling-wise they simply chose to use various different pinouts.

Any actual experience to share using cdt8 with Jr. — connecting with I2S or otherwise?

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Not an direct answer to your question, but according to the manual referred to above the polarities of the three (or four) I2S lines that matter to a PS Audio DAC are correct and there aren’t any other lines that should cause a problem.



Thanks for the advice.

I will keep you posted if I decide to go for cdt8. My dilemma is another player at 2.5x the price.

Is PSAudio likely to develop a DirectStream Jr. player?


Are you asking about a DMP Jr.? I can’t speak for PS Audio on that, I’m a DAC man at the moment :slight_smile:

Yes … a medium priced disc player …

Paul has hinted that they are working on a Stellar series disc spinner. Obviously will play red book CD, but almost certainly will not play SACD, anything else is TBD.

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Hi Sam!

I have tested and compared the Nuprime CDT8 and DS via AES/EBU and I2S, and without any question the I2S sounds superior, and is working perfect. The sound you get is much more resolved, relaxed and with a wider soundstage. And the control in the base!!
A best buy!



I got mine this afternoon so only a few hours on it so far using I2S but so far appears to be a solid product at a reasonable price.

Hi Mats, hi Jack,

Please keep us posted on your experience with CDT8 into DS DACs – on operations and on sound quality, too.



Anyone tried the cdt8 with a gain cell dac? I am thinking of getting the cdt8.

Curious whether the cdp9 was considered …

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If the pin out of the I2s on the SGCD is the same as the two DS models the CDT-8 should work fine. You also may prefer the AES connection anyway. Never considered the CDP-9 as I didn’t need or want the electronics just the transport.