What vinyl are you into right now?


You mean the one step vinyl?

Yes, I have Bill Evans/Vanguard and Donald Fagen Nightfly. Both are clearly better than even the best vinyl reissues so far and all far better than the best digital versions. I have them all (vinyl and digital) of those albums.

„Far“ in terms we audiophiles speak. Nobody I know would recognize a difference if not pointed to it, not even to MP3 :wink:


Wasn’t sure if the Super Vinyl thing was synonymous with 1-Step. Just saw it on the back of the Music Direct catalog (don’t have time to read it) and it said something about “What’s Goin’ On?” Being the First One on Super Vinyl.


Yes, it’s the same


I just got my Thorens working again and am re-discovering my albums. I almost forgot how good my Bruce Cockburn “Dancing in the Dragon’s jaws” album sounds.
I have an unopened direct to disc copy of Thelma Houston’s “I got the music in me” that I will put on next.


I got the music in me brings back a lot of memories. As a teenager, before I had a high end system a friend of my father’s gave him a copy of the thelma Houston direct to disk because it has some pops, etc and he got a fresh copy (it was probably a new release at that time)

It still sounded good on a $100 technics table with an Audio technical shibata stylus (if anyone remembers those) but it wasn’t until many years later on my first high end system (well tempered table and Crosby quad 63’s driven by spectral gear) that I could fully appreciate what was actually on that LP. I should put it on - haven’t heard it in years.

I also have bill evans one step as well as bridge over troubled water (which isn’t nearly as good and varies a lot from track to track)


Just got the new MoFi Supertramp Breakfast in America and it’s great! It was a well recorded album to begin with, but the new version is fantastic. Dynamic and detailed with very quiet vinyl. Highly recommended!