Anyone plumping for the UD1S Hotel California?

Is anyone parting ways with their cash for this one?

I haven’t pre ordered as yet, but have heard from a reliable source that release is within a month or so so it’s not a long pre order.

I haven’t had much joy with the last 2 UD1S which were Clapton - Unplugged and the Thriller. I don’t mind the thriller from a mastering perspective, but it didn’t have the soundstage that I so enjoy from a good UD1S

I will definitely be buying it though.

Word is they’ll press enough initially to cover pre orders and have a few spares for early buyers, and then press following batches at a later date.

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Never heard of these before… Interesting technique and definitively a high end product. Compared to these a 256 dsd download is a down right bargain.

This must be a vinyl lovers’ dream and it makes me curious how it sounds.

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The MoFi ones can be hit and miss, they’re digital sources (not that I’m saying that makes them worse) but just the standard of the SQ can vary quite a lot between their really top ones (Santana Abraxas) and the lower ones (Clapton Unplugged).

But the good ones are really really good, to the point I never knew my fairly lowly system could achieve sound like that.

But the Analogue Productions competitor, UHQR series are consistently excellent and always pure analogue chain, but then you have varying styles between MoFi and Analogue Productions, so I tend to collect both.

They are quite special, lot of money, but it’s usually worth it.

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