Where are we getting our Synergistic Research from

Well just saw the Jan special now get over a $1k of accessories on the SX ground I bought last month … :rage: love the ground but having to buy these last month is a little hard to put up with when they are given away next month

Just wondering where we are we getting our synergistic stuff from ? Not that the dealers know these deals ahead of time but just looking to upgrade cables and looking for someone to look after me rather than missing out on next month super special

Hey almost forgot happy new year :partying_face:

It is always frustrating to buy something and have it go on sale the following month, be it a car, TV, or something audio. A number here have complained PS Audio runs sales and drops prices over time. I think of it as a common business practice even though it can be annoying as a purchaser.

I have not purchased any Synergistic Research and unfortunately cannot help with a suggested source.

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