Synergistic Research Power Cables

Hi, I’m looking into trying out some power cables. I reached out to The Cable Company stating that I was considering Shunyata but they came back and said that I should also try out some Synergistic Research cables, since they have heard great things about how well they work with BHK gear. Have any of you tried them and what did you think.

I had never heard of the company so I took a look at some of their other products. From the outside it looks like some of their products seem a little crazy without much explanation on how they work. Given I’ve never auditioned any of it so, I’m not sure if they work or not.

I plan on at least testing the cables on the DAC but here is a list of my other equipment.

BHK 300 Monos
P15 Powerplant
Revel Ultima Sallon II’s

I’d recommend the Shunyata in their NR configuration for Pre and DAC. Elsewhere you can use NR or EF extra flexible. Impeccable quality and you have 4 Ranges to cover your budget. Synergistic Research have some good products and a lot of “bafflegab” that degrades their offerings.

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I have the same PS audio components as you, and use many synergistic research things in my system, including their power conditioner and power cables. I really like them, many of their things work together, i.e., the benefits are additive. Try them. I will start with their foundation series.

Some of synergistic research things really baffles me, like HFTs, but, they really are doing wonderful things in my system. I have about 30 different HFTs in my room, their benefits are very obvious.

Thanks. At first I was thinking a Delta NR until they cam back and said to also give SR a try. What did you mean by “bafflegab”?

Yeah, that’s what I meant by some of their products seem like they are just out there. Funny thing is that when I looked up reviews of the HFTs, everyone said they heard a significant audible difference. What did you hear when you added the HFTs?

I was referring to the “marketing” pseudo science some of their products have.

It is a fun word. I have heard in the context of complaints about bureaucratic jargon.

no matter what you do on the cords get some of their new orange fuses … I must admit i was surprised at the improvement just with the swap out of the P20 fuse…

Good luck and keep us informed on what you find, power cords are on my list of upgrades later in the year

Keep my comment short, since this is a thread about power cable, HFT affected sound stage, imaging, tone, definition, etc, generally in agreement with others’ review comments. I stated “affected”, not “improved”, on purpose, since you may not like the results if you use SR suggested default positions (they are a good starting point though), it took me some efforts to find optimal positions for those HFTs for achieving the effects I preferred. If you want to try HFT, I suggest to try at least 10, preferably 15. HFTs were the first things I purchased from SR, now I also have Atmosphere XL4, powercell 12 SE, blackbox, fuses, interconnects, speaker cables, and power cables, duplexes.

My friend uses HFTs in his purpose built audio room. I was surprised with the degree of difference when he pulled them all off.