Where to place best Ethernet cable

Current configuration: modem > very long cat 6 run > net gear switch > AQ vodka Ethernet > PC. I also have a NAS attached to the same switch.

I’ve decided to get off my PC for a whole litany of reasons. Buying roon nucleus. Buying sonore optical rendu which connects via fiber. All in the mail.

What should I do with the AQ vodka? Use it to connect to the fiber converter for the rendu (which seems like a waste). The roon nucleus? The NAS?

I’ll play around with this stuff when it comes but I’d love to know if folks have an opinion / experience. Thanks!

I’d prob use it here, this is where the music is going to be mostly if not only effected by noise over the line and giving the converter a little extra help or polish and might make the biggest difference. But after spending some time listening; to your point, it might not matter. In which case, maybe placing the cable up for sale might benefit future upgrades. (Although I should take my own advice, as I have a box full of cables I’m meaning to sell)

Also would love to hear your thoughts on the Rendu once you have it up and running.

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I would agree with @club_pizzazz. Get a $10 Blue Jeans CAT6a, if the AQ makes no difference, sell it.

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The best cable should be the closest to the end point as I was told, but I have not tried a different arrangement. Maybe you can tell us :smile:

If you can truly hear a difference in CAT cables, try it in different locations and stick with the one that sounds best to you. If you can’t hear a difference, sell it.