Which Cover Album are You Spinning Right Now?


Set up the TT, and digging out the records, came across this Elton LP. Was just up in the hills at the Caribou Room, which is on the Caribou Ranch property, to see The Earls of Leicester.

Some great songs on this album : )

Oops, thought it was the regular “…Album Now” thread ; )


How were The Earls of Leicester? Can’t imagine anything but great. Some serious musicians!


Completely kicked some ass, son! ; )


Now streaming on TIDAL …




It probably works better as a video … check out, e.g., “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Hey Bulldog,” and “Power to the People” (Click on the word, “YouTube” in the lower right-hand corner of the image, below; hyperlinks to the beginning of each tune appear just below the name of the YouTube poster):


I will say, 75…wow. Not even that old. I think his murder denied the world the best John Lennon. Maybe not a better musician, but most likely a decent, influential, middle aged and old man.







They look only slightly less scary when they’re not kidding, as on the Teal Cover:

How’d they get that old? I still imagine them as young punks.





In honor of Wilson the mini schnauzer (2003-2019) who passed yesterday.


Feel that. Very sorry for your loss.



I reconnected with my adolescent male this weekend by watching “Mad Max: Fury Road” with my bride, so Weird Al seemed appropriate to follow up. (Incidentally, next movie is whatever she picks :joy:)



The opening scene of Fury Road is awesome on a proper HT system!