Which of the 3 to get…

As I stated in a previous post, I am considering getting a new amplifier/sound system as an upgrade to my Sprout. I am on a budget. I have 3 options I like that fit my neighborhood of $1500 budget. I listen to music on my Mac connected via USB. My room is a small bedroom used as an office. My speakers are Paradigm Monitor 7 version 7s. (Small tower). They only require 15 watts to run. The options are not listed in any particular order. What are your thoughts?

First Option: Schiit Ragnarok 2 fully loaded integrated amplifier.
Great reviews
Tidy all in one solution
Only 60 watts per channel
Upgradable power by using Ragnarok as a preamp and adding an amplifier.

Second Option: Schiit Vidal 2 amp, Saga S preamp and Multibit DAC
More power, 100 watts per channel
Most flexible upgradable choice
Not as tidy with multiple components and wiring.
Cheaper than Ragnarok 2 fully loaded
Good reviews

Third Option: Peachtree Audio Carina 150 integrated amplifier
Tidy all in one solution
Plenty of power for me at 150 watts per channel
Dual mono premium DAC chips
No reviews yet
Priced similar to option 2

I have not heard any of the options listed but noticed a used Carina on TMR.

Do you have or want to use a separate DAC and or more oomph from an amplifier in the near future?

If the answer is “Yes” to either of these questions, and if I were you, I would go with Option 1. Then, save your pennies toward the next key, upgrade piece of kit you want to get.

The Ragnarok 2 really looks like a compelling piece of equipment.

Have fun looking and deciding.

If you’re satisfied with the Sprout I think you’d find the 60w Ragnarok to be more than enough. I ran one for several years playing through a pair of 84 db speakers in a mid size room and was never short of power. Of course that all depends on your preferences but small room and your 91 db speakers should be plenty.
It’s a stout piece of gear, sounds great, and the 5 year warranty is reassuring.

So it’s sounds like you are going down a very similar path that I did. I can say that when I upgraded from a sprout 100 to a separates system, there was absolutely a difference in sound quality but not as much as one would think. Even now I really enjoy connecting the sprout to my elac unifi reference speakers because I feel that the sprout brings a little more slam and attack than my separates system but less definition and sound stage depth.

For reference my system is wiim mini>denafrips ares ii> schiit saga+>schiit vidar 1> elac unifi reference ubr62>rel tzero mkiii subwoofer and room treatment from GIK acoustics.

I haven’t heard the new Vidar 2 but I’d really hope that it would give me everything that I love from the Vidar 1 plus the attack and excitement that I get from the sprout 100.

If I could go back in time and convince myself on how to spend my money when I was in your position, I’d start with adding a sub to my system and really dialing speaker placement and room treatment.

The biggest impact on my system has been

  1. Proper speaker placement
  2. Room treatment
  3. Subwoofer

In this order.


Looks like I am. heading slowly down the seperates path. I just ordered a Schiit Vidar 2. I plan to just hook it up to the Sprout and see how it sounds.