Which Power Amp upgrade for my LCR speakers?

Hi Everyone,
I have a 5.1 setup with an Arcam AVR 850 receiver, Left + Right - Dynaudio Contour 30 and Center - Dynaudio Contour 25C and some Polk Audio for the surround speakers and an SVS sub.

I want to upgrade my amp for the 2 or 3 channels since the dynaudios are pretty awesome speakers but not sure if I have the budget for all 3 channels.

I was thinking maybe an S300 or 2 for all 3 channels, although it is expensive for the 2 as well. But I would love to maybe get 3 M700s but that’s way more.

Based on this I have a few questions:

  1. Does anyone have any experience with how Dynaudios sound with PS Audio amps ?
  2. Does Arcam sound signature match ok with the PS Audio amps ?
  3. What are some ways to save on the equipment at PS Audio ? (I don’t have anything to trade in, unfortunately)


I have contour 20 in my home office and I tried them with M1200 briefly. Dynaudio speakers are fairly neutral and maybe little bit on warm side. Contour 20 sounded great with M1200. Dynaudio contour models need power and my guess is M700 will pair better. There are a few used M700 on sale au US audio mart but you can also call PSA and see if they will sell you a pair wo trade in.