Need help to choose between used P12 and P5


Currently, I am using the Furman Conditioner and plan to upgrade my power source. PS Audio is definitely the ones I am looking for. In the used market, there are lots of old generation of power regenerator, like P5 and P10, at a very reasonable price. However, I checked many reviews and impressions online and found not much comparison between the P5 and P12. Based on my current setup, I need around 500-600W continuous power and maybe 750W at peak. So I think P12/P5 should fit my requirement. Of course, P15 or P20 can do it too. But I did not find solid reasons to go to a higher model. If there are any good reasons, please let me know. I am very curious.

What I am struggling right now is choosing between a used P5 ($1900) and a used P12 ($3650). Both units are under warranty. I am not sure if P12 can justify the price difference based on the performance.

Would someone like to help to choose between them or share the impressions of them? I will really appreciate that.


I think you should get a used P10… $1900 for a P5 is a bit expensive imo. I would rather spend an extra $500-$600 on a used P10 rather than spending $3650 on a P12.

Thanks for the response. Why P10? What is the difference among among P5, P10, and P12? I still cannot tell the major factors to differentiate the performance of them.

Extra headroom is the main reason to go bigger. They say the P20 sounds the best, and on down the line. I have a used P10 and feel it’s a tremendous value. Just last year it was still the flagship regenerator. Someday I’ll replace it with a P20, used. Or not, they weigh a bunch and are not easy (for me) to move around.

Are you sure your draw is that high continuous? Don’t trust what the device says on the back, measure it with an ammeter like this or similar.

P12 is all new technology on the insides. It’s not just a minor tweaking of what came before it. If you can afford a current model product, that would be my recommendation.

Thanks for the response. One more question. Why do people choose P15 over P12? Based on the specs, it is very similar.

I picked it mainly due to P15 being Passively cooled, and the headroom for 2x BHK300 that I have plan in the far far future

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