Anyone using Audioquest Carbon/Coffee/Diamond?


Anyone using Audioquest Carbon/Coffee/Diamond?

I currently own Carbon(with a jitterbug)and thinking about upgrading to Diamond.

Also, if anyone is using an audioquest diamond…do you also use a jitterbug or not?



…sorry, i forgot to mention im talking about USB cables…

Yah. I’ve got a diamond and like it a lot. No jitterbug. Good deals can be had on them.

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I’ve read elsewhere in the forum the Wireworld Platinum USB is the one that beats them all as far as sound quality is concern. Also I find the Ifi Purifier 3 in line filter way better than the jitterbug.

Interesting, I was at work and got impatient and purchased the diamond. I should get it on saturday from amazon…I guess if I don’t like it I can always return it.

I hear really good things about both those cables.

Have you tried the diamond with the jitterbug?..or tried it and didn’t like the sound. I have the jitterbug with the carbon and think it sounds great. I assumed it would sound amazing with the diamond.

You know what would make more difference than these USB cables is if you use USB to Matrix SPDIF 2 and I2s (HDMI) to your DSD Sr. You will hear more improvement with that unit than any of these cables.Matrix X-SPDIF 2


Hmm, I was just reading about the ‘Matrix SPDIF 2’. That looks really compelling, it can convert my DOP files to DSD on the fly and then stream the DSD file to my DSD Sr through I2S.

I think I’ll have fun with the cable for right now and can always get the ‘Matrix SPDIF 2’ after…I’ll want a good cable for that anyways.

You’re right. You could use a good USB cable for that and also a good HDMI cable too. The cables can make considerable difference.

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I use the diamond, jitterbug has a negative effect to my ears


Youuu… wannnnnt… aaa… Maaaaatrixxx image


Happy user over here, Audioquest Diamond usb between a Melco N1ZS10 & the Matrix (Audioquest Mocha HDMI from Matrix to DSsr.).

In the past i used Audioquest Diamond RJ/E ethernet from the Melco to Bridge II but removed the Bridge after adding the Matrix.

Now intending to use the Diamond RJ/E between the Etherregen (expected today;-) & the Melco😀

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Im surprised no one is using the jitterbug with the diamond usb…maybe the diamond is on another level and doest need the jitterbug.

When i added my jitterbug to my carbon usb it was a noticeable and welcome improvement.

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Same here with the green one (Forest?) I suppose it might not be as noticeable the higher on the AQ line it gets.

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Lol, i think the matrix will be the next thing i try.

I’m not liking the fact that i then need to buy yet another expensive cable(hdmi)…aq diamond hdmi cables are extremely expensive.

Which hdmi cable are you using with your matrix?

I recently added a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI cable between the Matrix and the DirectStream

I’m not saying the aq mocha is the best ( I use one) but I think it’s the best value. If your going ww I would go straight for the platinum, no messing , because you’ll regret getting a lesser one later.

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They unfortunately don’t make the mocha anymore :frowning:

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It’s not been made for years but In the uk you can still buy it for £179 on line, don’t know about us though

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I have a diamond to a matrix with a mocha aq hdmi. Got the cables probably half off or more. I find the matrix awesome.

Also love my wireworld eclipse speaker cable.

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