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This OSFA reissue from 2015 never ceases to amaze me. Would love to know which LP reissue to acquire next…and from where (the Zappa store doesn’t seem to have much of interest (save the Hot Rats Boxset, perhaps)).


Free stream and name-your-price download on Bandcamp here:


Happy Zappadan (Dec. 4th to 21st)!


To celebrate the start of Zappadan, I am listening to the Zappateers version of this legendary show. The following is from the Zappateers ‘liner’ notes:

Frank Zappa
Kosei Nenkin Kaikan
Osaka, Japan
1976 02 03

~~ From 1st gen audience tape! ~~

For long, it has been believed that all circulating version have been sourced from the bootlegs Eyes Of Osaka and Strange Habits, and that these were unbeatable in terms of sound quality and completeness. How wrong we were: the boots have their flaws, most notably a damaged-sounding portion, which sounds OK on this 1st gen. We get to hear some FZ preamble to I’m The Slime, missing on the bootlegs. Also, it’s obvious that the bootlegs (at least the CD version of Eyes Of Osaka - I don’t have the others to compare) have been EQ’d, while this version is raw, and more natural sounding. Especially the beginning of the show may sound a little dull compared to the boots, but just adjust the EQ to your liking, and you have one of the finest FZ audience recording of its age!

FZShows entry:

1976 02 03 - Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan
125 min, Aud, A/A-
Intro, Stinkfoot, Dirty Love, Filthy Habits, How Could I Be Such A Fool?, I Ain’t Got No Heart, I’m Not Satisfied, Black Napkins [parts in ZA, [FZPTMOFZ], Advance Romance, Honey Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?, The Illinois Enema Bandit, Wind Up Workin’ In A Gas Station, Tryin’ To Grow A Chin, The Torture Never Stops, Chunga’s Revenge [incl. Hands With A Hammer, YCDTOSA3], Zoot Allures [parts on YCDTOSA3; incl. Ship Ahoy, SUNPYG), Outro, I’m The Slime, San Ber’dino, Outro

This version: 122:17 min, Aud, A/A- (1st gen)

Lineage: Audience tape (1st gen) > CDR (standalone burner) EAC > wav > SoundForge 10.0 (speed correction, level adjustments, editing, tracking) > Trader’s Little Helper (flac level 7)

Additional information on this show, and the officially released music from it: Concert Bootlegs 1976-1980

Taped by: unknown
Transferred by: LC
Edited by: Yojimbo

01 Naval Aviation In Art?
02 Incan Intro
03 Stinkfoot
04 Poodle Lecture
05 Dirty Love
06 Filthy Habits
07 How Could I Be Such A Fool?
08 I Ain’t Got No Heart
09 I’m Not Satisfied
10 Black Napkins
11 Advance Romance
12 Honey Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?
13 Enema Bandit preamble
14 The Illinois Enema Bandit
15 Wind Up Workin’ In A Gas Station
16 Tryin’ To Grow A Chin
17 The Torture Never Stops
18 Chunga’s Revenge
19 Zoot Allures
20 Ship Ahoy
21 Incan Outro
22 I’m The Slime
23 San Ber’dino
24 Incan Outro