"White Album" 2018 Remix, 24/96 download Reviews?

Anyone want to share thoughts on the new remix of the Beatles’ White Album - especially the 24/96 download version . . . . How’s it sound?

There’s a little already buried in the What are you spinning thread. Here’s my input.

44.1/16 on Tidal sounds pretty good to me. Far better than the remaster from some time ago, and better than MQA too, though very close, to my ears.

The ‘clip-clops’ on I Will are fantastic.

Where have you found 24/96 download for sale?

It looks like HDTracks has it.

Thanks, it doesn’t appear they have any of the other variants. I’m looking for the 3-CD version in 24/96 to purchase.

Yeah. It’s only the super deluxe version.

Here you go, @brett66


They have the Super Deluxe version on sale, too:


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I’m amazed at the endless revenue stream for the Beatles reissues. I’ve never found any of the digital reissues to sound very good. Is this one a remix or just another remaster?

The Beatles 2009 Mono remasters are definitive in my book. As close as we’re likely to get to the original intent.

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It’s an actual remix produced by Giles Martin - son of George Martin. I haven’t heard it and I was interested in hearing from others before laying out $55.00 for the Deluxe version ($99 for the Super Deluxe version).

They are $44 and $79, respectively, at the links I posted above.

Oh - same as latest SGT Pepper - Didn’t think that sounded very good at all. Reviewers liked it. I think the “Love” and Let it be - Naked (high res digital) sound good. I always thought, sound wise, all these recordings were always over rated - love the music though…


I have the 2009 mono mixes already.

I will probably get the Deluxe Version of this but it is only Redbook quality I think - it’s 3 discs in under 1 Gb of space.

The 24/ 96 is as someone correctly pointed out only the Super Deluxe Version but there seem to be a lot more outtakes and demos on another 2 disc equivalents which for me are academic (although AMG is gushing over it). It’s 5 disc equivalent and is over 6 Gb in size which is a turn off for me unless the 24 /96 of the first 3 discs are that much better than the Redbook. Or is it just upsampled Redbook. Can someone who has done the comparison comment?


Not having the RBCD version of this release, I can’t comment on how the 96/24 compares. I can, however, say that after sampling the spectral frequency analysis of several of the 107 tracks in the 96/24 SDE, none appear to be upsamples. Few have significant information above 30k and some have little above 16 or 17k, but I suspect that is an artifact of the original recording method and not evidence of upsampling from 44.1/16 sources. There is no sign of a 22k haircut that would result from using a Redbook source.
Disk drives are cheap and life is short. Don’t let a few GBs keep you from enjoying this release.

Actually, there is a 24/96 downloadable version of the three-disc set:


Thanks. Will be getting that


I downloaded it yesterday. This remix is very faithful to the original. Right away, it’s apparent that there is more bass and drum emphasis - which I believe the original lacked. There is also more clarity; allowing the plucked strings of acoustic guitars to sound slightly ‘cleaner’ (I would have to use the old “vaile has been lifted” metaphor). I also noticed a better center stage (but on some tracks the drums are still off in the right channel). I give this one a thumbs up.

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The Esher Demos are a revelation to me. Did Giles Martin mix those tapes or are we hearing the mix raw but mastered only? I hear typical Beatles tricks like double tracking vocals. I could dive into the 1000+ page thread on Hoffman’s site but that’s a lot of work.

So I have been contemplating this. I of course want the 96/24 but would want to rip it off the blu ray. Since I don’t have a blu ray drive - well it looks like hdteacks or the site bootzilla mentioned. I have the 48/24 Apple stick - which I think sound really good. Has anyone compared these to the 96/24?

Secondly - I have it in my head that I want the artwork. I lost my original pressing in a flood. I feel a need to replace it even though I don’t play vinyl. So I would get the deluxe 96/24 downloads and the album for about 85 bucks. Stupid or no?? :slight_smile:

I bought the one with The White Album remix and the Esher Demos ($50?) 24/96 off HDtracks. Wish I would have went for the whole enchilada. I’ll probably pick up the whole thing on CD when the used ones start appearing. It’s awsome (and I was prepared not to like it since I don’t like the Sgt Pepper remix). My wife and I were crying. So many memories and it sounds really good IMO.

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I need to hear more comparisons with Sgt Pepper. I think the Sgt Pepper just sucks. Fascinating though, when I listened to it for the first time (the new one), I was like WOW! Then I almost never listened to it again… I put it on and there is just something so wrong with it. No music in there.

White Album similar?

I usually just write a check and buy this stuff but that Pepper experience really flagged me off.

Bruce in Philly