Pink Floyd HI RES now out

20 albums in 96/24 over on HD tracks


I saw the email this morning, and went on to HD Tracks to have a look…

I’m going to download Animals, Final Cut, and Pulse, all of which are available in 24/192. I’m a little confused, however, as to why The Wall is only available in 24/96…? :thinking:

Anybody know why? I don’t want to buy it at 24/96, then see it later at 24/192. I had also read somewhere (I think) that maybe Analogue Productions was working on releasing The Wall on SACD, but that Roger Waters & David Gilmour couldn’t get their collective :poop:together to approve it. Wondering if that’s standing in the way of 24/192 being made available?

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I’m holding out for 2x or 4x DSD transfers of their catalog. In the meantime I’ll muddle by with my MFSL CDs of Meddle, Dark Side, Animals, and The Wall.


I’d be a buyer for even single rate DSD on the rest of their catalog…somebody just needs to get it done.

Octave Records…? :thinking:

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Naxos would be a good choice. I purchased their 2x DSD releases of the four Jazz at the Pawnshop recordings and they are excellent. The did a nice job with Bill Evans too.


Have they been remastered? If not, I’m not so sure that I’ll be able to hear any differences.

They are also on Qobuz! Qobuz says 2011 remaster for the Wall 96/24

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…and for those who might be interested, Tidal delivers in Master…

:partying_face:…even David Gilmour albums released in 96/24!!


Are they gone!? Saw them yesterday in Qobuz.

It’s Roon that doesn’t see them.

there seems to be a sync problem affecting Qobuz new releases on Roon - check out the Roon forums for more - it may be solved by now

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Thanks for the heads up! Listening to Wish You Were Here on Tidal . . . it sounds great.

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I have Dark Side of the Moon in DSD64 ripped as bit perfect DSF file. It’s a near religious experience. :+1:

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I listen to the MQA on Tidal. The entire catalogue sounds fantastic. Better in every single way than the standard CD quality. I too was at first skeptical, but my god is the sound quality worth every single penny.

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I have that remastered SACD from 2003. The MQA version is better in my opinion.

Hi Scott, We’re you listen through the DSD Mk1 or the DAC in the SACD player?

I listen via a BS node2i and a NAD c368 out to PSAudio S300 amp to Revel F206 speakers. I am desperate for the m700 as my system is now worthy of the better amp.

They are available on Qobuz thru Roon. Roon display’s them as 44.1 16bit but if you play the album it will show its Hi rez source.

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Saw that somewhere earlier in the Roon community. Thanks, mate.