Who is using Zu Audio speakers with their PS audio gear?

I plan on a BHK pre and PS amps in the near future (trying to sell some gear first). I love my ZU omen defs. I use a sub as well. The speakers, along with a sub, offer everything I’m looking for. I have updated tweeters which make the highs ultra smooth. The soundstage is huge. Just curious anyone using PSA with their Zu’s.

I run a DSD Sr. > BHK Pre > Decware Anniv. amp (~3watts)> highly modified Zu Omen’s,… mods include switching the drivers out for the FR103ND’s, event cable harness inside, extensive internal damping and bracing, amongst some other changes as well. The low watt/set sound into these speakers is simply amazing… The front end isn’t hurting the sound either though, LOL


I’m using their Soul Supremes and I love them. They’re fast, dynamic, never tiring, evenly balanced, just wonderful sounding on any music. Mostly I listen to jazz but right now I’m listening to a piano sound like an actual piano–Robert Silverman, Chopin, Waltz in C sharp and a half.
I started with his Omen Dirty Weekends, Mk2. NO BETTER DEAL FOR $1,000. Those are still in the family.

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I listen to everything and Zu’s handle every type of music great, especially with a sub.

I’ve ran 300 bhk to my zu omen defs, sounded great

Great to hear. I’m thinkinking of starting of with a pair of m700’s then in a couple of years upgrade to BHK. I do have a BHK pre on the way and I’m looking forward to hearing that in my system.

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I’m actually excited to see PS Audios new speakers coming out. I believe they will have built in subwoofers. Hopefully there is a set in the ZU Omen def price range. I may consider if I would be able to ditch my sub and free up some space. My Zu’s however, sound so wonderful it may take something major to make me want to give them up.

any hiss issues since the Zu’s are so efficient?

No, no audible hiss with my PSA equipment. If I hook up my mono tube amps there is a slight hiss if I stick my ear close to the speakers.

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Man oh man, you should hear them right now!
The efficiency of the speaker is probably the last thing in the chain that will reveal hiss.
With my Pass Labs X250.8 amp and XP-22 preamp, Zu Soul Supreme’s, there is no audible hiss until the volume reaches 93-94 with no music playing and at that level you wouldn’t hear it over the music.
You’d also likely damage your hearing or kill the cat at that volume.

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What cables are you using. I am thinking of upgrading to ZU Events (currently using Mission)

Take a look at my ads in Marketplace for some Event cables

If your willing to spend the $$ to get you into the Zu Event line, then you should really consider auditioning the Iconoclast line of cables. They are truly something special.

I make all my interconnects and speaker wires out of Duelund wire.

I made a pair of Dueland RCAs, and they turned out wonderful. I used KLE Pure Harmony connectors.
I may have to try Duelands on my speakers

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I use Zu Omen Bookshelves with the SGCD and S300 in my office. Amazing.

Ron how would you compare the sound of the Event speaker cables vs Iconclast? Do you have a pic of the Iconclasts?

Before the Iconoclasts, the Events were my favorite. I tried many cables from Kimber, Audioquest and other obvious names. And the Events rose to the top.
But the Iconoclasts were immediately in another world; easy to hear; impossible to doubt their superiority. I remember that Elk referred to them as a “component level” improvement and I agree.
That said, the person who bought my used Event XLR ic’s is thrilled with them, especially at the price. They and the Event speaker cables are first rate. Sean Casey is one of those brilliant designers.

I may just have to try a pair of Iconoclast speaker cables. I only need 4-5 feet, so the expense will not be bad.

What options did you choose ( oxygen free? Etc)

I liked SPTPC best. Although the OFE’s were a very close second.