Who plays faster? A Pianist or the Computer?

Okay this is for you pianists amongst us…
Have fun !!

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Although a human cannot match the speed of the computer, but you notice that when a human plays, the sound has more feel to it and sounds much more engaging than a computer which sound a bit mundane.


Zappa noted in an interview I read a long long time ago, that he recorded direct out of the Synclavier on Jazz From Hell… won a Grammy for it in 1987. He recorded directly from the computer because he stated something about musicians can’t play fast enough. Is it less engaging than hearing musicians do it? I dunno, it is all Zappa… you decide.

Bruce in Philly

Here he states why he thinks he won the Grammy, about the Synclavier, and he notes that the computer actually improves music by REMOVING THE MUSICIAN:

A poll—that I made up just for this lame comment—showed that 93% of computers preferred listening to humans.

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he struggled all his career with musicians being unable to play his music, in the case of orchestras his struggles are well documented. i can absolutely understand his frustration, nonetheless i don’t particularly enjoy his synclavier stuff with one or two exceptions.