Why cant I sell my P12 [sold]

Been trying to sell my P12 since May. List price $3000 USD/$4000CDN. Listed on Canuck (equivalent of US Audio Mart). Its now in a dealer showroom on consignment. No bites in almost a month. What gives? Does nobody like these anymore? I paid a lot for this, so does that make me the sucker? No boxes or manual, but remote and powercord.

is in this marketplace?

I suspect you are asking too much for it.


I agree with @Elk, the last couple of P12’s I’ve seen sold went for around $2.3-2.5k USD, with original boxes.

the sold tab is the market.

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With due respect to you all, thank you. This is exactly what I needed to know. I apologize if anyone saw my price and thought I was out to lunch. I did not know any better. Going to relist for $2K USD or $2700CDN and see if it goes

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Are you listing in this forum?

FWIW, I think you just need to be a bit more patient.

As far as I can tell, you should be able to get between $3,000 and $3,500 for the unit depending on shipping, PayPal fees, etc.

There is a silver one listed on Audiogon currently for $3,300, which is rated 9/10 according to the seller.


Do post it here in the Marketplace. It is another source for good buyers.


You can buy just the boxes from PSA. I personally never purchase gear that doesn’t have the original boxes.


Are you asking because you are interested?

I will…but going to give the dealer and local buyers a chance. The new price is over 1000 usd less so lets see if it moves

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Thats he problem I feel. Its listed, not sold. I hear your point but I suspected I was doing something wrong

If you stay at $2,000, I suspect it will sell fast.

Another observation, FWIW:

Power Regenerators are pretty esoteric pieces of kit, in my opinion; and I believe the buyer’s market is much smaller than that for more traditional Hi-Fi components like amps, pre-amps, CD players, etc.

Again, GLWS.



I tend to spend an hour or so each week browsing used gear on USAudio Mart, Audiogon and Craigslist (local).

Over the last six months I’m seeing gear remain on the market for longer and longer periods but also ludicrous asking prices.

For example, the Pioneer Elite DVD/SACD player below. Yes, I realize these are highly sought after but the “firm” asking price is $300 with so much damage has me shaking my head.

I bought one of these about 10 years ago for $50.


IMHO used prices are high, especially when item is many years old and has been running thousands of hours

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I think certainly here in the UK, the used market back when I was younger was far far lower prices generally.

It’s only since “corporate” used shops opened up like CEX and other places where they HUGELY inflated prices of second hand equipment to the point you could literally buy new for perhaps 10 or 20% dearer. Since then, over here, second hand prices on sites have shot up because everyone tried to get away with it.

I get it for discontinued stuff that’s in short supply, that completely makes sense to me and should be higher prices, collectability of old kit is a past time for many and I am a huge fan of restoring old kit, but for everyday stuff, especially stuff that’s still in production, it’s just daylight robbery.

I do buy second hand wherever possible, but always in the form of ex-display from reputable shops that I know are honest through reputation or experience where I’ve bought previously.

I should add, none of this is targetted towards the OP, I understand that you just weren’t aware of the price estimate for used, I’m not judging you in any way at all, this was more aimed at @akro comment above and @kerosene very rightly calling out such rediculously bad quality of high priced goods.


I believe a good rule of thumb is if you are asking more than 50% of MSRP plan to wait a bit.
And if it is in the same shape as that Elite piece, extend the wait to infinity.

There are exceptions. The amp I bought today was over the 50% mark, but only 100 were made and no more are coming. And it’s MSRP was only $4k. Plus I seem to like to buy some sort of audio thing each and every week.


50 to 60% of retail is my target purchase price when shopping for used equipment, depending on the age and condition of the equipment. I cannot recall ever paying more than 60% of retail for used equipment.


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Good point, I hope so