Why is it so hard to sell my P15?

I got an almost new, late-2018 P15 in January and after a bit of tweaking decided it just wasn’t for me. I decided to try and sell it on Audiogon and elsewhere, but after around 5 months all I’ve gotten are extreme lowball offers. I’m selling it for $4600 which I think is a good deal for essentially a 98% brand new regenerator still on the original warranty. The offers I’ve been getting have been between $3000-4000 and I’ve seen old P10s sell in that ballpark. What gives? The market is definitely not flooded with them.

The used gear market doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

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How much did you buy it for? From where?

Seems like a fair price. I would just be patient. This is a pretty esoteric and expensive piece of kit, and its in the middle of the new PSA line of regenerators. My sense is that a greater number of P12’s and P20’s are sold – but that is just a hunch.

The right buyer will be along soon enough IMO.


I bought it from a guy on this forum who wrote a few glowing reviews about and ultimately sold for a P20. $5500

P15 is a funny beast, sitting between the P12 and P20. I think the 12 & 20 have higher interest. Full disclosure, I own a 12.

Bottom line is the market is telling you you’re too high. I’m not saying what that 15 is worth but based upon the interest and what people are bidding, seems you’re too high.

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It probably has to do with the fire sales from the dealers before PS Audio went direct. Without going into specifics, I purchased two pieces of big-dollar PS Audio equipment brand new for less than 50% of the MSRP from an (used to be) authorized dealer in mid-September.

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Seems pretty crazy that the market is pricing a barely used P15 well below a new P12 and slightly above old P10s. Maybe I just have a bad impression, but it seems like on places like Audiogon there is heavy pressure to immediately depreciate items as much as possible. More than 50% off an almost new piece of gear is crazy. I’m interested in a fair price, and that’s the way I go as a buyer.

Good point.

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Is it advertised on this forum “Marketplace”?

I would wait a bit for the internet direct transition to settle amd try again. The massive discount from dealer is hurting your resale.

I never get P12 favor over P15, P12 needed fan while P15 is passive, and have more outlets as well as higher capacity. I wouldn’t go with P12 ever due to active cooling. I would go with a used P15 if I was buying P12 at msrp, problem is no one is buying PSA at msrp…


Wait for spring when people get their tax returns. Right now everybody is penny pinching for the holidays.

True that dealers are blowing PS Audio out the door.

These were going for 40-45% discount new recently.You’ll need to give it some time. If you can’t wait you’ll have to go lower. While it’s not old at all it’s still used and you’re the second owner which doesn’t help.

Try Hifishark under the sold tab. This will give you an idea of real sales.

Yep. It’s been up there for 2 1/2 months.

I’m in the same boat with my BHK250, although I’m not sure if I want to sell it now, switching in New tubes have allow me to enjoy the amp much more. Maybe some extra time will give you different opinion.

My question is, What don,t you like about it. I added a P 10 to my system an was amazed at what it did for the performance and my enjoyment.

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+1 with what @watchdog507 said. Don’t go by what you see as other recent asking prices. Hifishark is a good resource.

What do you mean by “after a bit of tweaking”? If you’ve altered the unit in any way that isn’t fully reversible, that could be the reason.

One can get a new P20 for less than $6K. Used P10s go for about $2500. $4600 is too much for a used P15, IMO.