Why only 2 preamp outputs

As the title says…. Why do preamps like the Stellar Gold only have 2 analog outputs. This is the case for other brands too. I would need one output to go to my amplifier. I would need another one to hook up a subwoofer. Then I would need one more to Hook up a headphone amplifier. Sometimes the headphone amplifier and jack is in the DAC but then that limits your headphone listening to content that goes through the DAC. Do I need to use a splitter. How should the connections to amp, subwoofer and headphone amp be done?

I would split the output to the amp and subwoofer. Assuming a self-powered subwoofer it draws very little.

With REL subs you don’t need a Preamp. They hook up directly to the speaker outputs on the Amp(s). It works great and sounds best.

I only use headphone amplifiers with portable gear so I don’t know anything about that.

I would not use the Preamp output for the headphone amp as this introduces two volume controls in series. I would run sources directly to the HP Amp and if it didn’t have multiple inputs get a small switcher for it or replace with one that has. This is be better way to go. For example, I have a Schiit Jotuheim at my seating location fed directly from second outputs from my DAC and Stellar Phono. This way I don’t care where my preamp’s volume control was left nor do I even need the main system on.

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