Wilhelm Furtwängler: The Radio Recordings 1939–1945

Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings has what appears to be an epic set of recordings of Furtwängler made during radio broadcasts.

I’m posting because they are only available in physical media format (SACD) and not available for purchase via download nor streaming.

I find it frustrating and maybe the collection will eventually be offered in other ways but for someone like me who said farewell to physical media over a decade ago, I’m just venting and wondered if anyone has any guesses into strategies such as this?

Wilhelm Furtwängler: The Radio Recordings 1939–1945


The collection looks gorgeous.

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Wow. Beautiful.

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@kerosene Are there any more videos or information talking about the restoration process?

I haven’t found any additional videos but I was surprised the broadcasts were originally recorded onto the magnetic tape because I thought 1939-1945 was still the “electrical” recording era.

Reichsrundfunk must have been absolutely state-of-the-art.

SACD seems like overkill but it can’t hurt and is a very smart marketing strategy. Just wish I could buy digital downloads or stream via Qobuz.

I’m extremely intrigued by this set so I will post any additional information and media I find.

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I’m so eager to hear this set.

It’s 22 SACD only so I don’t know if it will be available for streaming.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Furtwängler a profound life dedicated to preservation of the art form

There is an excellent play about F called Taking Sides. I saw the West End production with Daniel Massey and Michael Pennington. I think it was made into a film, but didn’t see it.

https://play.qobuz.com/album/5099992802957 “Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries” Worth taking note how he stood face to face in shouting matches with Hitler, defending Jewish musicians, and is probably one of few men who lived to tell about it. Of course, he had Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner and Schubert in his corner, the history of German music even Hitler knew was transcendent.

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