Will bigger be better for my system?

I have the P3 on my system currently and I do bump into the yellow zone on the occasion when listening to demanding music at higher volumes. Been very happy with the P3 but wondered if I would benefit greatly going up the chain and how far?

NAD 50.2
PS Audio BHK Pre
McIntosh MC452
Focal Electra 1028 BE

Running Cullen Cables for all components on a 15 amp breaker. A 20 amp breaker and 12 gauge wire could easily be installed as it’s very close to the panel (this is in reference to the P20 needing a 20 amp breaker to work at full potential.)

Any suggestions?


Will your system benefit, sure, I would not characterize it as ‘greatly’. Money is very likely better realized spent elsewhere.

Pull 10awg solid wire, no need to change the 15 amp breaker unless you want but you’ll never pull anywhere close to the tripping point and in the event of a short faster/lower amps is safer.

My 2c.


Welcome dlw…

Your Focal 1028be are 91.5db sensitivity very easy load for your MC452…
What is your room size length, width, height?
And is your MC452 plugged into P3 as well?

I an not a tech or ee…but it seems to me that going up PP capacity will benefit your sound quality
and not by a litle bit. In as much as the P3 maybe limiting your MC452 even in quiet low level
listening by not supplying the extra current your amp need to present a more complete soundstage.

Sort of like having a car with a smaller engine perhaps ok for grocery getting…but if any hills are
in your route then an engine with more hp will be welcome

If it’s easy and probably will not cost you much more, run two 20 amp circuits and use #10 wires. One for your P3 and the other for non essential items. The second circuit will come in handy when you upgrade maybe to mono blocks in the future. #10 wire sounds better than #12 or smaller. Believe me, you will be glad you did.

The room is 16x20 with 9’ ceilings (speakers are 13’ from the listening position) and the room is treated.

I have all the components on the P3. Like I said, I hit the yellow zone when the volume is up and with demanding music (such as heavy bass.) I agree, the system as a whole is very efficient.

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Just my .02 worth but I imagine a P15 would better serve you if you plan on going ht. If you
are not going ht and remaining 2 ch stereo then perhaps the P12 would serve you better at
less expense…

My room is L shaped 15’ x 25’ and am running all my electronics through a P12.

I listen 60 dbish with peaks 80dbs more ore less…and even when I do push my system
to where low level is 85 and peaks 100+ db with very power demanding passages
my P12 has never shown more than about 475 watts or so consumed …well within
range of what the P12 can supply.

My P12 feeds: Oppo 205 …Emotiva XSP1 Gen2 or a Wyred4Sound Stage2 preamp
as well as my Parasound A21 power amp…
Speakers are Focal Aria 948s a tiny bit more sensitive at 92.5db than the 1028s

Hope this helps

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Forgot to say you have a very nice sized listening space…

Just powering 2 channel. It seems like upgrading the wire would be a good start. I also wonder if a second P3 would be useful? Run the amp on one P3 and the other components on the other P3 seems legit.

The room is of good size but not overly large. The family doesn’t mind that the room is pretty much dedicated to music and reading.

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Maybe I’m old school but seems strange to spend more on a regenerator/conditioner than one’s speakers or amp, especially speakers. I just can’t wrap my head around that, at least for me.

Not being critical of anyone just saying I could likely never do that but in fairness I’ve never heard a system with a PSA regenerator (no dealers near me even when dealers were a thing).

Perhaps, but not necesarily so as Sound and Vision quickly found out when they reviewed
a very expensive Lexicon Rv 8 receiver price at the time $7000.00 testing with the Linn Akurate
5.1 speaker system…time came to return the Akurate speakers and now had the $3094.00 Infinity Beta 50 budget surround speakers to continue the Lexicon RV 8 review…you can read the story here:

Read from Firing It Up on down…

The Infinity Beta 50s were first being tested with a $3600 Integra receiver and while ok…when
the Lexicon RV 8 was brought in the Beta 50s stepped up to a whole new level of performance.

This I can verify from personal use with my former Beta 50s stepping up from a Denon poa 2200
200 watt/ch to a Parasound A21 did the same for me…then came a P5 regenerator…wow
who would have thought these lowly Beta 50s could perform so well…

So no there then is a rebuttal…you are limiting yourself by your own mindset.

The foundation for a great system is power regeneration…like giving a car good grade gas.

The op’s system are expensive Focals and very expensive Mcintosh MC 452 power amp.

The price of the P12 regenerator as compared to the op’s eqiuipment is not disproportional at all.
The gains he would receive far outweigh the price of admission.

kzk you may want to home demo a regenerator, you have a return guarantee if you are not satisified
with after home testing…

Meanwhile my Infinity Beta 50’s have a new owner…I did move up to Focal Aria 948s …

Dlw would be well served making such a purchase…

dlw…you could try a second P3…and of course if it doesn’t come up to expectations
you can trade up…to a P12…

Might good to give it a shot…nothing lost

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Would be fun to demo, but don’t have the funds to make that happen right now. Next on my wish list is some room treatment.

Reason I’m asking about the SP3 and M1200’s over in the beta thread is doing some advance scouting for my bro who might be upgrading in next year. Could be a nice pairing for him, especially if SGCD also gets a refresh.

By time I learned about PSA (like I said, no dealers), I had already spent my entire budget (and then some, don’t tell my wife!) on my system upgrades.

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Won’t tell you wife…just save up and when the next major sale event comes around …and they do
leap on that bandwagon…you will be glad you did. When I think about it most of my gear bought
new but with generous good friday discounts …PS Audio is outstanding in their help…

P3s with M1200 should be fine…all depending on your room size, speaker sensitivity,
and how loud you like to play your music…

Best wishes there kzk

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Thanks guys for the info. Besides an upgrade of wire, I think I will try a second P3 and see if I get any meaningful gains. As with anything in audio, it’s all just one big experiment! :money_mouth_face: :musical_note:


And have a lot of fun along the way…happy journeying

I use two smaller Power Plants. P12/P5. Works great.

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dlw …netspecht-2 has a very good point…two power plants…with your setup why not
go with a P12 in addition to your current P3…if you are considering future upgrades to
your 2 channel system …PS Audio does allow trade ins credit toward a new power plant.

You are in a win win situation…if $$ allow go for P12…

Best wishes friend