Will there ever be software updates for the BHK pre?

I really enjoy being able to have my direct stream dac updated. I’m wondering if there are any updates planned for the preamp?
I’d like to vote for a phase switch if possible. Repurpose the preamp power button below the volume as a phase button :slight_smile:

I don’t think a phase function could be added with out changing the physical circuits. It’s all analog.

You know the DS has a phase button? Its nearly silent. I wouldn’t expect one added/changed in the BHK to be silent.

Other than the display bits, there’s nothing to update on the BHK; well, tubes :wink:

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I know the DS has a phase button, but that doesn’t help me when I listen to vinyl.

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Ah. At 53, I’ve never had any vinyl. I grew up with cassettes. You could get a very nice ADC and feed the DS…


I’m 57, I’ve always had vinyl :slight_smile:
Cassettes were always failing, especially if they ever got too hot or too cold in your car (which is where they were most often used)

I’ve had some cassettes of good quality that lasted more than 30 years, before I gave them all away to others less fortunate. Plus they are portable!

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