? BHK Phono Preamp?

Question for PS Audio:

Is there a phono preamplifier in the works that will match up with PSA top-line products?

There is apparently. It’ll still be a while.


It seems it will probably match a not yet existing (except for the upcomimg TSS DAC) top line, as it is announced to be clearly more expensive than most of today’s BHK products.

In case you don’t fully understand the PSA product line strategy…I do not either.

Hints dropped by Paul suggest there is. Said hints also suggest BHK works at the pace he works. That tends to be how it is when the mandate is design and produce the best in class of any product, from audio gear to timepieces to cars.
Patience is a virtue. For the BHK Phono by all accounts … mandatory.

Was just looking at the pic of the insides of a BHK preamp in another thread and thinking there would be plenty of space for a nice tube phono stage.

I know it’s just my opinion but I would hope they don’t put the phono stage in the BHK Pre.

I have been auditioning the Stellar Phono and Zesto Andros 1.2. The Andros is twice the price of Stellar Phono and only slightly wins out. I think that’s speaks volumes for PS Audio and can’t wait to see what they can do with a BHK Phono.

Let’s see if Bascom can or will weigh in on progress. I’ve read that work started about 5 years ago…

@BHK - Bascom hope you’re well. While I’m not in the market for a phono stage, I absolutely adore my BHK pre and 250. I also enjoy telling people about you when they hear the music playing in my house. Thank you very much!


Darren is also reported to be working on a new phono stage for the PerfectWave line.

I would imagine a trickle down from a separate phono stage to be a circuitry that can be fitted in a BHP Pre as an option.

In a perfect world I would like to see it the other way around: a phono stage with a volume control and three or so phono inputs plus one line input - possibly convertable from one of the phono inputs. Most preamps have tons of stuff that’s just collecting dust and harvesting noise. For many to whom vinyl is the main source, a phono stage with a line input would be a rational choice.
There are a few high end phono stages with volume control and line input but say, Aesthetix Io is quite expensive and apparently a pain to use. I had a Manley Steelhead before but never got it to sound very good.

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There are decent built-in phono amps. I have two tonearms, high and low output. I was running both into my Devialet Expert. I now have an external phono amp for the low output tonearm. There are plenty of good ones at a range of prices, from the likes of Brinkman, Audio Research, Rega and others. I’m using one from Vertere and have a valve EAR Phonobox due to arrive in a few weeks. If you need one, buy one, and if PSA come out with one in the future, then all well and good. I don’t believe in waiting for things that may never happen.

I had the EAR 834P some fifteen (or more) years ago. I do recall liking it. The Phono Box is supposed to be an improved one. Hope you have good time with it.

There is no shortage of good phono stages but I do have a personal problem: I’m out of real estate. I have no shelf space left and each power outlet is utilised. Plus, the inbuilt phono stage in my Janus is doing a pretty good job.

On a non-personal level, there is sonic (and financial) virtue in keeping the number of boxes and the amount of (unused) circuitry small. Whether there is market for non-orthodox products is a different question altogether.

The Devialet Expert has a very good internal phono stage and is an all-in-one unit taking little real estate. You can hang it on the wall. It is fully programmable so can be used for two phono sources. My external phono amp and turntable are the only two other components. It is quite common to use an external mc phono with Devialet Expert.

I’ve heard good things of deVialet but I never put in the effort to properly audition it. Maybe I should.

I have the Stellar Phono Preamp its a great product. My issue with the Stellar, it has a smaller depth foot print than the rest of my BHK components, DSD, P20 & P15 Regenerators, and looks completely out of place taking away from my racks aesthetics. It aggravates me every time I look at it.

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Aesthetics is a problem for large components as you have to look at them. If you have stuff in a cupboard out of sight, life is easier. Brands really have to keep products visually consistent.

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I have the Stellar Phono Stage, and I second your opinion of both sound the aesthetics. :grin: It blends better (aesthetically) compared to my Rega Neo power supply.

SPP would be my most likely next step up - currently using a Rega Aria Mk3, which I think is terrific for its price with a P6/Ania.

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Late last year, I upgrade from RP8 to the newer P10. Also, I realised that I have not used moving magnet or high output moving coil cartridges for a long time. So, I decided to get the Aura MC only phono preamp.

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