Will This Power Conditioner Work With My System?

I found a great price on a Core Power Equi=Core 1800 power conditioner and am considering purchasing one. Like the name says, it supplies up to 1800 watts. After looking at the specs of my BHK 250, I’m wondering if all of my gear is too much for the Equi=Core.

The BHK 250 manual states the following for power consumption:

Ready @ 75 watts
Idle @ 175 watts
Rated Power 8 Ohms @ 850
Rated Power 4 Ohms @ 1600

My BHK preamp draws 60 watts & my Directstream draws 30 watts. I can’t find the wattage for my Marantz CD6006, but I’m estimating around 30 to 40 watts. I’m using Magnepan 1.7is that run at 4 Ohms, so I’m assuming the BHK 250 will be drawing 1600 watts.

All of that totaled up is around 1720 watts. So, it seems like the Equi-Core can handle everything in the rack. However, I have 2 Sumiko S.9 subs that have 350 watt, 700 peak class A/B amps, but I can’t find the current draw. I’d really like to plug those into the Equi-Core, too. Would they overload the unit?

I am a total neophyte when it comes to power conditioning and power consumption. Is my thinking correct here with the use of these components?

Thanks a bunch for any info you can share!

You will need to plug your subs into the wall.
Not sure of your budget. But i’d suggest exploring used prices on a P10.
It just sounds good.