Has anyone tried the Core Technologies Equi=Core 1800?

The price is right, under $2,000 for 1800 watts of balanced and filtered power. It’s also been highly reviewed and recommend, and it looks gorgeous.

No it’s not a regenerator, but it seems to get the job done quiet well based on reviews, and I can handle all of the components in most systems.

Hi Gary,

I was wanting to get one recently; they’re very nice! They use Good Quality components in their equipment too.
I didn’t have the space for it; very limited in my living/listening room. If I did have the space; I’d pick one up quickly!.
I just received my P12; I LOVE THIS THING! It hardly takes up any space, fits nicely in my “limited” A/V console, but still has “breathing room”.
Last night I had everything powered-on and playing music and/or DVDs; The P12 didn’t flinch, plenty of power left in reserve!

But, if you have the space for the Equi=Core; I don’t think you can go wrong, nice piece!

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It is not so big? should fit in 2x rack space? Maybe taller than P3. I do not know if P3 is better? I am sure P20 is better. Well, I would just guess.