Has anyone tried the Core Technologies Equi=Core 1800?

The price is right, under $2,000 for 1800 watts of balanced and filtered power. It’s also been highly reviewed and recommend, and it looks gorgeous.

No it’s not a regenerator, but it seems to get the job done quiet well based on reviews, and I can handle all of the components in most systems.

Hi Gary,

I was wanting to get one recently; they’re very nice! They use Good Quality components in their equipment too.
I didn’t have the space for it; very limited in my living/listening room. If I did have the space; I’d pick one up quickly!.
I just received my P12; I LOVE THIS THING! It hardly takes up any space, fits nicely in my “limited” A/V console, but still has “breathing room”.
Last night I had everything powered-on and playing music and/or DVDs; The P12 didn’t flinch, plenty of power left in reserve!

But, if you have the space for the Equi=Core; I don’t think you can go wrong, nice piece!

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It is not so big? should fit in 2x rack space? Maybe taller than P3. I do not know if P3 is better? I am sure P20 is better. Well, I would just guess.

Just wondering if anyone of late has tried the Equi=Core 1800 balanced conditioner? The mkII is available now and on sale, also includes a $400 power cord.

Got one a few months ago and very pleasantly surprised at how big a difference it made…a positive, musical difference. Certainly not a P20 or probably any other current PSA conditioner, but mighty fine at the price, I think.

I have had a few conditioners - a couple of Running Springs, a Synergistic Galileo,and the Equi=Core 1800 - and thought that the 1800 was good at silencing some low level noise I hadn’t noticed, but it also took some of the “snap” out of the music. IMO, I think there are better options out there for the retail price.


I didn’t end up buying the Equi=Core 1800. I instead purchased a used Audience aR6-TS and couldn’t be happier with the results.

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Audience conditioners are pretty great IMO. As good as a PSA regen? I’m honestly not sure as I’ve never had them side by side. But in comparing them to other passive conditioners, including balanced, the Audience always came out on top.