Wilson Alexia V

Yup, I’m very lucky…

and very happy! :laughing: :blush: :laughing:

I’ll report back once all of the new gear, including my Alexia V’s (which are being delivered next week) is fully burned-in…


The beauty of Wilson is that even the larger ones work really well in smaller rooms. My 2016 Sabrina must seem bargain basement. Peter McGrath was at my dealership doing the UK Premiere (it was a bit of a mess - too many people and he had computer issues). An issue is that they are $67,000 in the USA and (£80,000) $100,000 in the UK.


Be cheaper to hire a private jet and go and get a pair from the US!


My dealer was saying how American Hifi is becoming stupidly overpriced in the UK.

PS Audio gear was relatively overpriced, but to some extent that is now reversed. The FR30 is $28,500 in USA, £30,000 here ($37,500), so close to £1=$1, which is what I consider reasonable (it amounts to $31,000 + sales tax). There is a big difference between $29k and $38k, especially given USA earnings are much higher.


Luckily, I have a very good relationship with my dealer…

as such, I managed to secure a substantial discount, and a reasonable trade-in price for my SabrinaX’s…

It’s still a substantial outlay though!

However, I consider it to be a worthwhile investment for such superb sounding loudspeakers.

My SabrinaX’s (I upgraded from the Sabrina’s) are good, but the Alexia V’s are in a completely different league!



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Since your dealer discounted the Alexia Vs, you might want to at least send him birthday cards! :grinning:

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One day I will go and listen to the Alexia V. My dealer has a nice looking pair.

These are in addition to lots of other nice toys stacked in the basement.

The Zanden mono blocks behind the darTZeel are very pretty.

Over here, when you go up the chain the prices become negotiable.


Wow, what a storage room!

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Thank you!

Ha! Great idea, but he’s done very well out of me over the years…
I anticipate that he’ll be getting (another) big bonus this year, courtesy of me!

Commercial considerations aside, he is a nice chap…

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They do look nice, although I can’t discern whether it’s a ‘standard’ or premium finish…



once you have heard the Alexia V’s, I’d be astonished if you’re not instantly hooked, as I was!

I daren’t even look at the Alexx V or XVX’s! :blush:

I was hooked by the Sasha DAW, which I understand was the first speaker to have the current generation of drivers.

I don’t suffer from FOMO. I also take comfort in that I’ve heard extremely expensive audio systems that I’ve hated.

Meanwhile, on more important matters, some artwork based on Bach’s Well-Termpered Clavier arrived today in a van from Estonia, so all is good.

The Sasha DAW is a great sounding loudspeaker, although somewhat ‘old’ technology nowadays (I hear a rumour that there’s an updated version ‘in the works’).

I also don’t suffer from FOMO and, as you’ve experienced, I’ve heard some ‘mega bucks’ systems which completely underwhelmed me…

Your artwork sound interesting…

As I understand it, David Wilson was involved in the design of what is now the Alexia V (Alnico Quadramag) midrange driver, which I think sounds glorious…

An Estonian photographer I met at a music event in Oxford in 2016. He had an exhibition and gave a lecture. He was a professional clarinetist. A fabulous guy. His paying job is photographing musicians and composers for media, album covers, etc., but his real love is landscape and especially trees. I recently saw a tree picture on an album on Qobuz (a fabulous album of Estonian sacred choral music) and thought I should get in touch, and now have one of his tree pictures from the 2016 exhibition in our dining area.

He has an exhibition in London in a month, portraits from Ukraine.

This is the album.


Very interesting, thanks.

I have Wilson Sophia 3’s, about 12 years old, in a 10.5 x 13 foot room and they work quite well there. If I was buying Wilsons for that room now the Sabrina X’s would be high on the list (I have FR20’s in another room, lucky me).


Do you have any updates on the sound of the FR20?

I find it hard to describe things like that. Plus, until yesterday, I was missing my main source (a DS Mk2 that had to go back to the shop for repairs) and I’m out of town for the weekend. I can say I like the FR20’s very much and am very happy with the purchase. The sound is spacious and seems to me to be very good across the frequency spectrum. The treble and midrange are very pleasing and I have no complaints about the bass. They seem to care less about the listener being right in the middle than the Wilsons. It’s hard to compare the two given very different room configurations and somewhat different electronics (all PS Audio; main differences are with the FR20’s I’m using M1200’s and an old P10 versus a BHK250 and P20 for the Wilsons)). 'm still trying to decide which I like better but the FR20’s are certainly a contender and may have an edge. I will be doing more listening now that the Mk2 is back.