Any experience with Wilson Sabrina?

Any experience positive or negative?
I’m seriously considering a pair at a very attractive price

I love the sound of Wilsons. But i’d avoid the used ones with the custom brush finish, might be a knock off.


You’ve decided, so as they say just Do It!
Assumption is you eyeing the SabrinaX, :wink:

Is that why a lot of seller claim that their Wilsons are “Certified Authentic” on the used market? Now they are doing speaker knock offs also. I know there are plenty of big name cables and cords and electronic fakes. I have a few of them. We all have to be wary of too good of a deal.

RonP… I have had Sabrina, Yvette and Sasha. I have also done an A/B on Sabrina and Sabrina X. I think the Sabrina at the right price with the right electronics can be one heck of a experience. Feel free to PM if I can be of any help. If you are looking at the original Sabrina it is an awesome speaker and I’m sure the pricing has gotten competitive with the release of the X. In short, I had no issues with Sabrina and it was an excellent speaker with a great ability for musicality and detail. Only reason I don’t have them today is I traded up the line.

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I listened to the Sabrina, Sabrina X, Sasha DAW and Watt Puppy 8’s. The X is slightly better than the Sabrina, but it’s not “night and day”. The Sasha DAW is the best speaker, but if you have the space (and it doesn’t really need to be THAT much space), the Watt Puppy 8’s are better than the Sabrinas and right behind the Sasha.

I ended up with the W/P 8’s and really glad I did.

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Certified Authentic means they are reconditioned by Wilson which also means there’s a guarantee on the speakers. Usually costs a bit more, but could be worth it.

Thanks. Were the Sabrinas difficult to position? I’ve heard that they have to be perfectly set up or there is a very small sweet spot.

I haven’t decided, hence the query. And no, not the X, which helps a lot on the asking price.

I have read they change the crossover parts to freshen up the sound on certified authentication units. The Wilson dealers sell the kits so owners can do a DYI freshen every year or too. Do they solder the caps in or are they plug and play bread board?

I heard the Chronsonic XVX, Sasha DAWS and WAMM Master Chronsonic at a dealer playing same material. The Chronsonic XVX would be my money no object choice in the Wilson line. This Dealer was running On Burmeister and DAG equipment

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As Steve Gutenberg recently said, there are those who could be happy forever with the sound of their Zu speakers. I’m one of them. But I’ve dreamed of Wilsons since I first heard Watt/Puppys. And the Sabrinas are coming from a friend (“TT Jim”, of floating record fame) and the price is like a drug-appealing.

Not as hard as other Wilson’s or brands but it took a few hours total of listening and tweaking to get it just right. I would put them on par with most high end speakers. They don’t have all the time delay adjustments the higher models have, but you will definitely appreciate the sweet spot once you find it. Mine were positioned with some toe in allowing for music to intersect right off each shoulder and maybe a bit behind me.

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@RonP as I mentioned in the “Long Term Plans” post, which I will update when I have a few minutes, I demo’d a Gryphon Diablo 300 last week and it so happens, it was hooked up to Sabrina’s.

I was not always a fan of the Sabrina’s hearing them (at my dealers) driven by Luxman, McIntosh and 30 series Marantz. They sounded really good with the Diablo, best I’ve heard them sound! so, very amp dependent to my ear

I wouldn’t hesitate on an exceptional deal (with the right amp) you can always sell them if they don’t gel with your system…



All Wilsons are quite revealing, hence the setup process is a bit more demanding, but taking the time and moving in only small increments and it’ll lock in and image like crazy. They definitely have the ability to “disappear” and just leave a window into the performance. Quite startling at time!

In terms of amps, I went from Pass Labs XA60.5’s (which are extremely good with the W/P 8’s, the best solid state amps I’ve heard with them) to Audio Research REF75SE. The synergy between ARC and Wilson is undeniable.


No problem. Let me know if you get time. I know you can find the originals at some very good pricing. You won’t regret it I bet as they are a hell of a value. The thing I liked most about the Sabrina was they sound a lot bigger than their actual physical footprint.

They are better all around than the Yvette in my opinion. Good luck…


You might want to compare the Sabrina against the Sabrina X. There is a significant sonic difference, the cost savings on the Sabrina may be a “false economy”. At one point I had considered both, having briefly listened at Quintessence in Morton Grove. I had listened to the Sabrinas and the Sonus Faber Olympica III. Ended up going in a completely different direction to satisfy a curiosity with SET sound. The Sabrinas do sound great with Pass Labs amplification which I understand you are a fan. Pass XA60.8 monoblocks could be a nice set-up with the Sabrina X. Of course if you get a killer deal on the Sabrina and have a change of heart you could flip 'em. Best of luck on your journey.


I was very happy with my Diablo 300/Sabrina set up…

until I upgraded to the SabrinaX, which is a significant improvement to my ears!

The ‘icing on the cake’ was that my dealer minimised the upgrade cost.
Happy days! :grin:


I lugged my amp to Jim’s house and I wasn’t expecting it’s puny 60 watts into 4 ohms to create such thunder. They must be more efficient than their specs indicate.
Now I’m trying to decide if I want to go thru the colossal trouble of dragging them into my room to have a proper listen.

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If I was in your neighborhood I’d give you a hand moving the equipment in. I think it would be a fun listen, you are running Pass XA 30.8s correct, and a Pass pre-amp?