Windom update excitement - DSDJR

Greetings. As a fairly new DSDJR owner (4 months) i just installed the windom update. I was not prepared for how much better the DAC got. I knew immediately when I got the DAC (Used), that it was a winner. I loved everything about it, but as a new owner, did not even realize that there could be changes to the sound going forward. I am a Decware amp owner, and on the Decware forum, a member casually mentioned that there was a new update for the Directstream. At first, it didn’t register that that was something I could benefit from. Then it hit me, and i thought, gee, i wonder if this might make my DAC sound better? Did it ever! Now, I fully realize that, not only do I have a great DAC, but It has just gotten better, and, thanks to Ted’s ingenuity and insight, it can continue to get better! Thank you PS Audio team!!!


Welcome Geno! Glad you are enjoying the new update. These DACs keep getting better thanks to the design and customer awareness philosophies and polices of Ted and PS Audio.

Glad to see you here.

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Thanks for writing Geno! So glad to hear you’re enjoying the new update. It’s still early, but the news so far is that people are loving it right off the bat. An immediate improvement. Enjoy!


Hi Lon. As you know, PS Audio and Decware is a great combo. So glad to be part of that exclusive club :wink:

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You did it again! It’s impressive!

In my system now sounds even better than the previous Snowmass firmware!

Congratulations for this extraordinary update and thanks to all the PS crew (specially to @tedsmith).

Jose Luis


Grande José!

Will be testing it out when I get to the office tonight. Is it less harsh (treble)?

Un abrazo

Updated mine to Windom and have to agree with the others I am loving the fullness added to the sound.


In my system everything is more focused and 3d presentation is just amazing. Really happy with this update!

Otro abrazo, amigo!


Great job Ted, Paul, and team… Just installed Windom and the bridge II update… Amazing… Love what you have accomplished… Again…


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“Took” right in the first attempt (almost makes me feel guilty as several gents here have had issues upgrading but hey!) but only tonight was I able to spend enough time at home and really listen.

OMG the treble, the detail, the enticing quality of this new one that ‘invites you’ to hear more. I don’t know how you do these things, Ted but… you’ve done it again.

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I think the change is more noticeable on the Jr. than the Sr. (I have both)


I was wondering about this. The initial thread is a bit of a mix. I have the Sr. I like windom and am sticking with windom. I felt it was a nice bump - but I thought snowmass was a bigger move from red cloud.

Just love this dac and the upgrades.

This is interesting. I wonder if others share this impression and, if so, why the difference.

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Well I just had my dealer out (killer customer service) to repair a resistor I cooked on my speakers protection circuit which I guess is pretty rare so I’m proud of myself. :slight_smile: So I have Windom ready to go and based in this thread alone I am ready to install. Probably pick two songs, listen then switch on my Jr… Kind of a fun morning coming up…

It could be the different systems. My DSD Sr. system is a room sized system. My DSD Jr. system is near-field speakers setup. It is very easy to focus on sound emanating from speakers three feet from my ears.

Also, the measurements! :wink: